Stats for rogue class

Wt is the best stats build for rogue bow type? And wt talents should fit best for bow type rogue???

Rogue got bonus for distributing stat points into Power, so I usually put all points into power.

Talents depends on your build and playstyle, I suggest you read each of the talents and decide which one the best to support your toon.
Here’s the one that I use for machine gun build (PvE):
Fletcher: Attack Speed while using a bow increased by +0.5%
Stagger: +1.5% Chance for critical strikes to stun enemies
Propulsion: +1.5% Chance to knockback enemies with projectiles
Ambush: +1% Chance for projectiles to spawn traps on impact

Should try searching the forum, there is a lot of info on rogue.:slight_smile:

Okay sir. How about the heroes skill like the strength dexterity and intelligence
And also the statistic points like Health Mana and Power?

How about the stats sir? Like health mana and power for pvp and pve

All in power. For both.

Iwill not put in the mana and health all power on the stats?

If your just starting off at low level you can and just reset your points later on once you hit level 99

So youre saying sir that my health and mana are equivalent to 1 but the power will be all the way i level up? How about the heroic level sir. Wat would i put?

depends on what skill that u use, don’t sweat it too much as it can be reset freely anyway (with gold)
I usually put the initial point to dexterity as in lower level just focused on killing mobs faster in lower difficulty.

How about on the statistics? All power?

yes, I suggest you read this thread first:

Rogue bow stat:

1.Attack Speed
2.Crit Chance
3.Crit Damage
4.Deadly strike

Hero Point (Lvling point)
For this it depand on your build, if u use 100% glasscannon. that for sure putting point in healt is useless (u will only have 1 hp anyway). For me, putting point is second last thing i do, Because i always look on what i leak and add to cover some of it…

IMO this is last thing to do. it 100% depand on your stat affix and your build. let say u dont have coat and 0% crit chance stagger talent will be useless. let say u have cap 60% attack speed fletcher will be useless. and let say u dont have vanich mythic skill no stealh 0% dodge. remedy and dexcisous thing (not remember well the name talent on necklace) will be useless.

*We player cant help out giving suggestion if u not help us to understand.I dont see any pic any stat u have, so i cant help giving u my suggestion. If your build is worth to have secret/Privacy due to it maybe being toooo OP or dont want other player to copy it. then the best way is test all talent your self, i believe u will get the answer for what best and fit for your build. Ohh and reading through all info given in DQ Wiki, Forum and some other player Guide can help u deciding what is good and bad.

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