I don’t know if this could be the correct category but I kind of want to make a farming build right now my wizard is about level 42 and I’m on floor 80 I’m trying to push to floor 100+ maybe even skip 100s and go to 200, I want a full nadoji set because I want to farm for really good endgame items. To get back to my question, I see a lot of screen shots of people’s stats with they’re power maxed out. Health and mp was at 5 but I did see some of the armor and accessories that help not get 1 shotted.

Those are my stats.

reason why they max out power is becuz in higher floor u dont need hp to survive … kill enemy b4 u get killed. so they tend to go full dmg build w 1hp if ur a rogue u can survive most of atks using stealth (dodge all atks) if ur wiz u can still use it but duration last for like 1sec only(if u got +10all skill from elexir myth on both wep =lvl10 stealth i think its around 2-2.3sec) but u can still survive w/o it just dodge enemies or freeze them or stun them first b4 thy can attack and burst them out.
others build pure tank w/ max goldfind and luck and they recruite der other char w/ dmg build as hireling to do the killing.

as for now just adjust the stats depends on what u prefer is best since ur just starting out you can reset it anytime anyway.

Yeah I was thinking about that but I might just respec and keep pushing but that’s a smart build to do for farming eternal

Imo u dont need any survival other than like 50k hp and a way to restore it fast until floor 500

kill them as fast as you can

Full Power = High DMG good for PVE and also PVP but depends on the build you will use…
Full HP / MP = is for PvP Builds not good for PVE. Your high HP have no match on 700+ Floors Mythic 3.

Best Farm Build for Wizard I think the Aftermath Build of @CuzedSpiked

But it is bettter to look for the Compendium Builds in this Forum so can have your own idea to copy or to make new metas :blush::blush:

Thanks man I appreciate the advice I’ll look into it.

reactor build is also good and easy to farm killing tons of mobs …use ice element for inc survival

Can you link me to a reactor build but I don’t know if I can make another character is it possible to respec my stats for that build because right now when I put all my points in power I can’t even survive I get one hit can you help me? @roykiyoy

@Arcynical for now add hp affixes then add some hp on hit affixes … use skullshield oh primary skill (makes u abit tanky and good dmg)

about reactor build (orb realease arc the hit enemy upon casting)… u need legend item with a reactor name on it since u still dont have amythes to roll it.

if u still having hard time reduce the difficulty lvl to easy or veryeasy or normal mode .

u can do storm or twister also on ur mh special skill. use ice element it will ur survival on mobs

I have another question, I just recently got to floor 200 it says I have to do cartographer maps to go higher I thought I have to stay at floor 200 till I’m level 99 and can ascend for more floors. Where should I start farming for eternals/crystal rares/legends? 190-200??? @roykiyoy

Ascension simply makes farming easier doing cartographer maps will let you get above floor 200 and that’s the only way too get past 200! :smile:

ya u can go past 200 floor even u have not ascend. also der is no limit to the number of floor. every 100floor the crystal rarity and drop rate inc (max effect until floor 500only means even u go 1000 crystal rarity and drop rate will be the same from floor 500)

on farmin it depends actually on what u want
to farm. certain items drop on certain floors ex. ephipany ring drop past floor 600+ ex. unreal hood drop past floor 350+… some farm around floor 600-700 (so that they can have the chance to get all rare legend drop) if u still dont get it example
item 1 drop past 250floor
item 2 drop past 350floor
item3 drop past 600floor

if u farm at floor 600 uwill have a chance of geting item 1-3.

in my case even im at 1800+ floor atm i still farm around floor 600-650 packsize map for rare legend eternal … but mostly all mytime is
staying in floor 200 hunting epic enemies on shrines and wels (hunter perk or hunter mythic ring will let u spawn epic enemies upod activating shrines and wels) killing certain number of epic spawn legend enemies which drop legend items and killing certain number of legend enemy spawn mythic enemy which gives u eternal items.
i convert all the eternals/crystals /legend i get to crystals(this is how i farm crystal)

as for xp farming beter stay at floor 200 or 101

der are lots of ways to farm just read the skaul tips and trick guide all info is der