Stealth and Stealth Proc

I’ve recently got this item from reward chest which I intend to use to replace my crystal vial.
It’s got some nice affix for PVP. However, I noticed that I rarely activate stealth proc so I decided
to do some tests. I read somewhere @ocenyx said that stealth and vanish share an internal cooldown, in other words as long as your OH skill stealth is on cooldown you wont be able to activate vanish. However, it wasnt specified if stealth proc share the same cooldown.

(Normal affix)left and (pvp affix)right
1 Does stealth proc share internal cooldown with stealth and vanish?
2 If answer to 1 is yes, why create toxon with stealth skill and having stealth proc affix?

Hope someone can clarify. happy gaming

as i remember stealth internal CD is 4sec. basically no matter how fast CD u have if u have 2sec CD and and 2sec stealth duration. when u active stealth and in stealth conditions. when your stealth gone yet u have your stealth skill ready to use, even if u press it right away, your stealth effect will not active, (your skill will be in cd tho) basically u need to wait another 2sec before u can active it and have the effect on. anyway if ocenyx said that about stealth and vanish share internal CD, that also mean if u active stealth and the effect on. in 4sec internal CD, no matter how much your vanish mythic proc, the effect wont active or replace your stealth effect right away until your internal 4sec cd is finish

@cronos4321 Yes, i believe that’s how stealth and vanish interact with each other. How about stealth and stealth proc. If my OH skill stealth is on cooldown would i not be able to activate stealth proc?

if u mean CD on stealth icon, abandon it. even if your stealth skill in cd let say it have 8sec. when u active stealth and effect on. u need only 4sec to wait for your stealth proc to active it effect. in that first 4sec even if ur stealth proc 10 times it will still not active the effect. but in last 4 sec, even when ur stealth skill cd show on icon still not finish yet. when proc happen it will active the effect, and internal cd start again. even when your skill cd on icon finished, if u active it before the internal cd reset to 0. it won’t active.

its not really hard to predict when it finish before u can active again and make the effect on, but i hope dev will make something like little buff and debuff icon near toon hp/mp bar ao player can know when their skill actually ready to use,

Oh i see. Thanks for explaining i understand it now. So that being the case, this Eternal Toxon would still be helpful because my stealth cooldown is 9.6 sec.

yep, u need to count it properly to predict when it should be ready to cast

I would assume that same rule applies when using deadly arts, right?

yep. the internal can’t be changed. it cant run from its fate lol

Proc is just a chance to cast the skill itself. So yes