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They say that rouge (bow/flint) needs stealth in order to survive higher floors. My question is if i have 40 in my stealth and 40cdr will this help me climb floors??? Im having a hard time climbing up floors and i dont have decent items since good crystals are aquired 500+ floors. Even if i have hp affixes on my gear i still get one shot by the ogre. My highest floor that i achieved was 347 legendary diff. Need help badly :frowning:

Stealth doubles your dodge now so you probably want at least 40%. Mines 60+ cause it helps with path finder

I also use deadly tricks to refresh stealth cool down now instead of crystal affix.

That’s the only problem that im having now…the survivability. So i need to have 40% cdr in order to survive floors. Does that mean i can survive even if i have 1 hp?? Or do i need to raise my dodge chance to 50%?? Curently i have 36% dodge chance and i use flint so i dont have that pathfinder’s bonus dodge. I use plague and buccaneer set affixes on my gears. Any suggestion in set affixes that i must have??

You need 50%+ dodge to 100% dodge hits with stealth ability. Use 55% (45% crystal affix, 10% from dexterity) reduce CD to use it often because of super high CD. Also get stealth at least 20 or 30 from hero points. Veil 20 talent helps too.
Goes well with pathfinder though. To get 50%+ dodge, you need 30% from 299 power or more and 30% dodge crystal affix or 20% dodge eternal pet affix. Dexterity 20 too.

Major ways to increase DPS. Push the limit, glass cannon, barbarian, chest mythic like skilled, Arcanist+ ascendant if you need, weaken or ignore resist (weaken 90% with Ascendant effect I recommend along with Arcanist).

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Oh so that’s how it works. Thanks. I dont want to take risk from rerolls of my rubies in order to get that legendary affxes since i dont have that many crystals yet. I havnt got past 500+ floors yet. So i ll just settle it with poison dmge, crt chnce and crit dmge i guess.

I saw a build wer rouge gets a perma stealth. I have 40 stealth, 55% dodge and 55% cdr but still have 2-3 sec unstealth. What should i do??

Oh it’s nerfed now. Since cooldown of stealth is much longer than before patch 2.5, permastealth is nerfed. The cooldown is like 16 seconds or 15 instead of say 10 or 9 seconds like it used to be. Back in patch 2.0 which was a year ago, stealth was even more op as you’re basically invincible, it lasts quite long, perma stealth with hardly any cost and it even buffed dmg by double amounts. It was crazy overpowered. Even for PvP.

Still, stealth isn’t all dead. You can still use stealth a lot and have a good amount of time in stealth but you’ll have to use it more sparingly and whilst in stealth, using dextrous talent and your attack as well as staying away from the enemies. in PvP, it’s basically useless though but Vanish skill is kind of useful with the blind effect.

Stealth with nova is useful and vanish also helps a lot. I predicted stealth would get nerfed a lot but I do like how dextrous can at least work with stealth to some extent.

Well that made sense. Being in stealth everytime is obnoxious. I was trying to achieve that build in order for me to get past 300+ floors. Well im not updated since i have just played this game for a month now. Anyway, now that it is nerfed maybe i should keep my hp affixes in order for me to survive?? Or should i have armor affixes?? I cant afford expensive crafted items and crystals. Any tips for me to climb 300+ floors to get good crystals??

You should still invest in survival affixes like dodge and block and sanctuary mythic. Also, you should invest in as much DPS as possible (no affixes on hp, AR, etc because it would take too many slot in PvE).

This means you have to take advantage of every opportunity to deal huge DPS whilst finding a way to survive well. Rogue can still use stealth just fine even after nerf .

Things that can help boost DPS a lot when you reach floor like 400+ in mythic 1 , find legends like masochist legends or go floor 400 in mythic 3 for Cerebral Vortex legends which can also have things like Push the Limit, Barbarian, 100% ED.

Berserker legends can have Barbarian too. Also, use things like Glass cannon, resource mythic like maybe energy or discordance or whatever you plan to use , chest mythics like brutal to make deadly 3× strong , maybe empyrean if you can survive alright to replace sanctuary for extra 50% dmg every crit, head mythic for resource and powerful mythics such as Cosmic orb for example.

Crystal affixes like 45% crit chance and 225% Crit damage also you should get and sets like Ascendant+ Arcanist for extra damage boost.

Have a look at many builds and try and make a build that can learn to deal pretty high Dmg

For mh i use two flintlock one is with cosmic orb and the other one is mutiny. For oh i use nova bomb with stealth just for that leap skill in order to get away immediately. For chest i use skilled mythic. For head i use energy cap with relentless talent. And for ring i use to swap my hunter mythic ring to my rozenzi for me to have that ignore resist and that rage set. Lastly for the amulet i use nadroji because i think its the best one that i have right now though i have empyrean amulet. I have some eternal items such as daggers, cap, and a vial but i dont think that will help cause i use them for farming low lvl floors cause of item drop, gold find and luck affixesthat they have in it. I also have the frightening choker and some mayhem items but idont know where should i use it. Currently im sticking with flintlock build. With usual affixes crt dmge, crt chance, wepon dmge, elem dmge and elem crit, dodge and stealth affixes. I also feel i hould not remove my one 10k hp affix cuz this helps me a lot.