Still bad Luck @Amazon

Hi i am still wondering about luck after, playing on a Amazon FireTv

I played over 150 Maps on Mystic 3 from lvl 600 to 750+

Average Legend count without feast 2-3 / Map

My stats:
Playing with hireling, Main toon Eternal Ascendet, Hireling Epic (Dealer and Fortunate)
Luck 981% without shrine
284% Item Drop

Farming Set:

Epiphany total loots in 150+ Maps
2 Ring
3 Neck
2 Hat

Just bad RNG? After that long run i arent sure

Your luck appears to be working fine to me just bad RNG if your getting less then you’re used to :smile:

How fast do you farm these floors? Also, more items drops will definitely make a huge difference in finding more legends (350% to be precise). I have 931% luck, 350% item drops and get a lot more legends per floor or 2 because the speed I go through these floors is 3 mins at least per floor. This is only at floor 200 for example. The luck system is definitely working well from my observations. I mean I got loads of legends and eternals just at floor 2 farming without even trying so I know it works quite well. Of course it’s all about how long you play and how often you play to really see the effects.

With epiphany (5) on both characters, my total item drop cap is 350%. If I get more epiphany set affixes on each character, the item drops will be higher of course in cap limit. To get 350% item drops, have 4x legend item drops affixes per character along with fortune 20 on each person. The total is 250% item drops but with hirling 100% ID bonus, the item drops becomes 350%. Just food for thought. An alternative is having 6× fortune nuthatches per character with epiphany (5) each and fortune 20 each and see how high you get. You may get a lot of legends still but for cheaper. Another helpful tip is that if you can, a newer phone/tablet that performs faster can make all the difference and I know for a fact. Yiu don’t have to right now but it’s a consideration for doing the packsize maps with less lag possible.

I think the bad luck is probably because of RNG and floor 600+ because at floor 200, I get so many legends it’s crazy. Even then, at floor 600+, I do get a decent amount of legends. Maybe 1-3 legends per floor 600+ on average.

Wow I’m liking this new forum format already. I mean I get to do desktop things without desktop mode. Brilliant update @SteigerBox .

Thanks for your fast Feedback.

I figured out that my Hireling has finished last Mystic 1 Solo, after finished Mystic 3 Luck is now @max 1012 (each Char got 1 Epiphany item). I am a little wondering about the white items if find.

I prefer Packsize maps too, but on my FireTV 1st Generation its lagging like hell, so i only play them on floor 100-200 for XP farming.

Cleaning a Floor 700+ takes about 3-5 Minutes, depending on enemy and the affix of the map. I know that with higher speed on lower Maps i find more Items.

Epiphany is a Rare Legend? Just searching another Ring but 75 Floor/Ring is quite a lot.

Epiphany legends are challenging but they are not “ultra rare legends” like the defiant items, nadroji and maelstrom. They are rarer than the typical legends that you normally get though at certain floors.

Epiphany, rage, frozen,overload elements and other set affix legends are rarer than the legends with reactor, aftermath, buccaneer, satyrs spirit, ascendant and those kinds of legends. I classify them as the “rare legends” because they are somewhat challenging but still not more rarer than the ultra rare legends only from epic+ enemies such as Nadrojis. They still have wd%, ed% and other legend affixes otherwise unobtainable from ruby but they are much easier to get from than say getting them from rare legends such as Defiant items.

The legends such as ascendant, aftermath, reactor, buccaneer, satyrs spirit,setless legends I think are the “common legends”. They are very common for your class once you have max farming affixes and nothing is too special of them. They are rare enough for a new player but generally, they are common legends.

@CuzegSpiked Great Explanation! Thank you Sir

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