Still no update huh!?

I asked for update last year and a dev said they’re working on it, and here we are to present
Still waiting for update.
Dudes just tell us if the there will be no longer an update for this game

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I really hope this games isn’t completely dead. I tried their other game, but it’s just not my cup of tea. An update would be most welcome. I feel like I’m the only one in the arena these days.

I think the most recent mention by the Dev’s on this subject is that as soon as things calm down on DQ 2 stuff they’re going to take a look at some new stuff for DQ. one thing they mentioned is that technology has come a long way since DQ came out and there are some compatibility issues, or something like that.

I know there are some people in the Battle Arena, because I still get defense rewards sometimes.

and I don’t understand how this game could be dead. I still have many build ideas that my farm build can’t keep up with. very frustrating… plus, I’m inching closer to getting the Demonic Aura in PVP, I’m on level 34 with about 85% or so to go.

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Not sure if I’ve ever run into your pvp guys, Golem.

Eyyyy… Golem you’re still here huh

@CPTcman my solo Wizard is yoyo between Mythic & Eternal at the moment. my PVP Team is low to mid Mythic. I haven’t gotten past Eternal Division 5 yet. I prefer PVE and am slowly getting closer to getting the Demonic Aura.

@BebeBruce yep! I’m slowly helping the new players learn how much fun DQ really is!


It’s not dead, but we have run into some pretty serious issues that make it extremely difficult to update DQ and progress with DQ2.

The engine DQ was built on is no longer supported, which we don’t have the codebase for. With each update to the Android/iOS stores it becomes harder and harder to update to their latest versions. What makes it worse is that the devs of the engine would have to manually give us fixes before, and now they can’t.

The ultimate solution would be to update it to a different engine, but it’s a huge undertaking and requires support from our lead tech dev who’s currently busy on other projects. He is also required for DQ2.

So for now, I’m working on Three Skies which is only 2d and within my capabilities as the only programmer available for the time being.

So, sorry for the wait on all this but I hope this clears everything up, and know that I would very much like to get back to DQ :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update and information @SteigerBox . DQ is such an awesome game and I am having a great time exploring build options for the 3 Classes.

Every game ends up getting left behind by technological advances, and DQ is aging out. I’ll keep playing until the last moment… that’s how much I like DQ.

on a miraculous note, it sure would be great if the Dev’s of the Engine used by DQ gave the code to Shiny Box, but I somehow feel that would be some kind of :bucket: of :worm:'s on a cosmic scale.

also hoping the serious issues are overcome without too much blood, sweat, & tears.

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Really appreciate that and thank you for sticking around for so long! It’s always great seeing what you guys come up with.

Haha we actually did try, but it didn’t quite work out :frowning:

We’re hoping at the very least we can get support to make sure the stores don’t kick us out for not having the required API levels, and it’s something we’ll keep pressing on. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the try. I think I need to work harder and faster on my DQ Goals… just in case. I don’t want to have any regrets that I didn’t do my best until the very end.


Im just curious did you guys start from scratch or just use the same thing you do in DQ?