Still no update?

I’ve been playing many different mobile games now, still this game doesn’t update the progress of it

ps. i need to touch some grass (HELP)

the Dev’s have been working on another game, and when they get caught up with it, or at least further along on it than they are right now, they’ll do some stuff for DQ. at least that’s what has been mentioned in another thread on t his subject.

are you having trouble destroying grass objects in the maps to get loot?

what i mean is real grass

:child: :telescope: :window: :national_park:

would one of your mobile games have some advice on how to find some grass to touch, visit, play in, or walk on?

they dont have that feature yet😂

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just for fun, I Googled ‘Walk In The Park’ apps, and found out that there are game apps that let you feel like you are walking in a park, or something similar, and apps for amusement parks, national & state parks, and some towns that want you to see the natural parts of their locale.

I guess there are apps that do have that feature! :astonished:

nah im to lazy to get out, it’s been 2 years since i walk out of ny room
ps. I realy need help

well, you could Google ‘grass’ and touch the pictures that you see. sure, they’re only pictures, but they’re pictures of real grass!

this reminds me of a character in the Train Man or Densha Otoko Japanese movie who is a hikikomori (person who is afraid to leave their room and is supported by their family) that becomes one of the fans and supporters for Train Mans romance with Hermes-san. Train Man is an Otaku who is very shy around women. he finds the courage to tell Hermes-san he likes her, and the courage he finds encourages others online, like the hikikomori, to find the courage to go beyond their fears.