Still waiting for the new in dq!

Well, i will keep coming to forum even tho i dont play the game, i reatch the top on the game i play know since i left dq.

Hope dq rayze again one day!


@ZOMBOY hope to see you someday in Arena. :+1:

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My AI is like in eternal div4 our div3, if i remember correctly, i have immortal build on warrior last time i check! :slight_smile:


@ZOMBOY thanks for the comments and suggestions … hope to see your AI in arena… someday…



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about lvl cap maybe 150-199 or at least more accends

Ascending would require more Perks to Ascend for. maybe after Ascending for all of the first 6 Perks, choices for a Class specific Perk would be Available. for a person with only 1 Character Slot, you just choose the Perk for the Class you are using. for us Crazy Players who have 3+ Character Slots, we would spend tons of time Ascending for all 3 of the Class Perks. or maybe it would be only 1 Class Ascension for a Customizable Class, it can truly be a Hybrid Class. it can have a mix of Skills and Talents from any Class, but for balancing, they are half power (Talents and Skills only up to 20). when you decide on what you want your class to have, you lock your choices in to get the full benefits of the Hybrid Class you made, but you can’t change it any more. also, it might only be for PVE, because I think a Class like this would be very OP in the Arena.

can DEVELOPERS give me again that eye vanity? because i did’n’t received it when i open it, maybe because my wifi signal is slow… please dev. can you send me again that message thanks!!! i have already upload!!!

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Did you check the vanity section? If you received the message it should have been placed there.

true it would be cool for class ascend perks and about arena it should be used for PvE but when you use that character he only gets benifits from his own class to make it balanced

I Checked it but i don’t see that vanity…

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