Still waiting for the new in dq!


“”"" many players has already abandon this game and playing other games “”""
how sad to know their reasons why leaving this game…
other said that , they want 1 free slot from the developer as a gift.
other said that, they want improvements for this game…
other said that, they want more active players to play this game…

my co-dq players just write below what are you want for this game…


@D_MESSIAH i agree with you. DQ devs should make at least an update or some freebies. like Vanities. to encourage more players.


I’m hoping on 2019 there will be a good news from the DQ dev’s!!!


@D_MESSIAH yep. everyone is waiting for the release of DQ2.


Weekly or daily quest. And awesome reward like boost ultra rare xtals eternal items. So the players will not bored in this game. But i cant imagine why they got bored? If they gets this game how it works. They will know what awesome the DQ is!:ok_hand: its like an treasure. Coz its hard to find in app store/play store. But its like a top 1 mmorpg for me.:ok_hand:


next year, roll back to having the year 1 Vanities available from the Battle Arena. I have the year 4 Vanities, and would like to get the Vanities from the first 3 years. the only other thing I could think of, considering the Concept of DQ as intended by the Dev’s, is adding more Legend items with new Set affixes, and maybe a few new Legend affixes, or maybe a Fourth Character.


We have gotten the vanity request a few times actually! To be honest, I am not 100% sure if we can add those in without doing another arena reset…will check on our end.


@tdaniel no worries. ahh, here are 2 old posts that were on my mind, and realized that I have Season 1 Vanities and now need Seasons 2-4. at least, I think the Assassin Blades are from Season One?

I enjoyed the last Arena Reset, and went up fast as one of the first players in the Arena at that time, but when other players got into the Arena, I dropped fast! looking forward to the next Reset.


How about a world event where an ultra rare and tough monster randomly spawns in a game and drops something truly awesome ?


I like your idea like a rare/ultra rare enemy spawn in a map that is like a boosted boss and it has high drops i.e ultra rare crystals/mythstones legendary/mythic/crystal weapons or maybe even pets? A strong boss with good drops maybe in DQ2


I would love to see character levels not be capped at 99. Allow character levels to keep going up depending on experience.

Would also like to see some incentives like a calendar of gifts for playing every day.


I will enjoy this game for the rest of my live if arena as not AI, i whant real pvp action and in campain have live co-op whyd another player!
I dont play this game for sooo long becouse is the same thing over and over again, i play since 2015 and Stop playing in april 2018, i spend comsidreble amount of money and time in this game, i have all the vanitys in the game that you can buy our win, got top 1 spot in 1x1, get to top 3 in 2x2, i did have alot of fun in this game but i think only dq2 can get my Out of FreeFire know!


Yeah ZOMBOY, i lost interest in june 2018 after playing since early 2015. I found a new head to head fighting game, but now im slowly coming back to DQ.

The other game has so many incentives that actually make me want to spend money on it. In 4 months ive spent over 500 dollars buying all kinds of extra stuff even though the game can be played for free.

So the battle areana in DQ is not actual player vs player?? Is it all AI ?


Sorry for not explain my self correctlly, in arene you fight vs the settings that the other player put on ther current build, how do you think you mmr go down whyd aut you playing??
You AI is losing vs real players, what im trying to say is, i will give the exemple


You open arene and you click to fight and you end up vs my, and i click to fight and i end up whyd you to fight, you will not fight my as a real player, you will fight my AI and i will fight your AI!
Simple az that!


@ZOMBOY yup. i understand what you mean. even those force close/not responding issue will lose your MMR. thats sucks. so many players prepared their best AI Settings for Arena. you see @Mr_Scooty’s AI? his Warrior. absolutely the best AI so far.


Well, For My, @Mr_Scooty Kraken Warrior Is The Best AI That i Ever See! It Will Destroy You If You Let Em Touch You!


@ZOMBOY i agree with you. scary and very dangerous warrior.


Mr_Scooty have is old Aswang out right?


@ZOMBOY yup.


+1 for you @kiane_zaine ! :clap: :+1: