Stone of Nadroji

What does this resemble? It’s a riddle, if anyone guesses it, I’ll know you’ve been a gamer for a while… Clever Steigerbox, very clever! I just now got it lol

Its from diablo 2 the ring would be SOJ or Stone of Jordan

P.S. I think I deserve a gold star for that one speaking of which.

As far as I know, Nadroji is from WoW, but I don’t get it :smile:

PS : Stone of Jordan, monk spotted :smile:

Well in particular. I think the “I” was to throw off the copyright infringement.

Somehow in all actuality I don’t think WoW is old enough either.

Ummm Ipower you’re guessing what I thought, soj Jordan spelt backwards = nadroj, minus the i

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Edit: I had no clue it had reference to WoW… that’s odd… lol I guess blizzard decided to replicate Stone of Jordan underhandedly… hahaha I mean everyone uses it as a measure of currency in the old D2 world, so I guess it had to make a comeback…


I was wondering when the soj reference would be found :smiley:

I had no idea wow had a nadroji item, guess we had the same mindset!

Also tried to make the ring in the same spirit as the soj as far as stats go.

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