Storm BUG

The lastest update said Resourse cost reduce of Wizard’s Storm was changed to Elemental Critical, but it wasn’t applied yet. I got 40 points on Heroic Skill, Storm, which means +20 Elemental Critical but still doesn’t show on my stat page.

When attack enemy by Storm, did they get slow or freeze ?

They just get slowed not frozen. I am using a Frozen set which makes frozen mobs explode when they are killed, you know, but now my Elemental Critical is 0% so they don’t explode.

Storm works totally fine. It is just not shown in the stat page.

Tested the reduced CD and elemental critical. Both only apply to Storm itself, that’s why they are not shown in the Offense Tab.

Thx a lot for the test. Btw I am just wondering why mobs don’t explode even when I equipped a Frozen set and used storm skill? I also took some tests, when I had some elemental critical rates from other items, the Frozen set worked very well, but when I had 0% of elemental critical and used storm skill which was already 40 rank, +20 elemental critical according to the skill explanation, none of mobs exploded, just dead one by one. I thought if the storm had +20% elemental critical, it would be enough to use Frozen set. But I have to add on another legendary option for the rate coz storm can’t freeze mobs itself but just slow. :sob:

In order for Frozen to work good you’ll need more ECrit, I reckon 40-50% ;). Also Storm is a bad skill for Frozen since it has knockback. You might wanna try something that brings them closer together like Twister or Taunt before.

And then use the big gun skill.

Frozen effect only applies on freeze enemies, no freeze before dying means no explosion. With that DMG, looks like you’re insta killing enemies.

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