Storm burst of (Mavis)


This is my (Mavis_Vermilion)
Special thankz to @HawkEye (the death).
To teach me or give some info about the
(Storm burst) build like @kiane_zaine @auzlef011 or @fairytail the team (IJ) most created the burst damager. So I think
My storm bust progress in few weeks.
I can attatch some photo can do what everyting test dummy take a look at this.


Final DMG is 400k wow.:scream::scream: I can call with you godlike sir. Spacial to Sir @HawkEye
To teach you everyting about the storm burst.:smile::smile: napaka suwerte monaman.


Godlike ppptt.:joy: lol. Take a look at Mr.scooty can create the most powerfull in oneshot barrage build. All player can call (Olympian).