Storm skill

How do you change the storm skill? Since the new patch I can no longer cast it. All it says is low hp now. Also my game now randomly freezes for no less than 5 seconds.

You need to add stat points to your mana to be able to cast it…or you can use Amber crystal I guess.about the freezing I think it depends on the specs of the device you’re using.

If you are getting freezes and lock ups try this:
Start the game and upload your save data to the DQ account system.
Uninstall the game totally and then install from your App Store again.
When the game is starting up there will be a set up screen and a blue bar will fill make sure this is 100% complete…if it seems like it is locked up during this process know that this can take upwards of 45 minutes on some devices but will only need to be done one time on most devices (Apple is a bit different)

Thanks for the tip about reinstalling that has helped.

thanks for the tip about applying points to mana but thats an area of the game I didnt really want to get into. So I guess now im just down to 1 skill and thats ok with me for what I do in game anyway.

good luck on your quest everyone

Check on your weapon the “mana cost”. TO use a skill you have to use a certain amount of Mana (MP).
So if the skill is requiering more mana that you can provide, you won’t be able to cast your skill