Strongest mythic boss?

Steiger the slime (greatly resist arcane and poison, extra health and regen). Tried offensive sets with execute dmge and high crit dmge still unkillable even at almost 0 hp.Tried high bleed and shock debuff still didnt finish it. Tested the max weaken build with execute affixes and sets still struggling. But when i tried my old build chakram with taunt plus frozen instantly kills the boss. Is there a build that can defeat this mythic without using frozen??

just do not use map affixes that have enemy heal 0.03-.05% you can kill all mythic but some are tough also even without enemy heal. So far hiking from 2.8k-3.5k floor without enemy heal can kill all mythic boss.

Yeah the slime mythics are hard to kill… But still your build is amazing.

thank you bro you tested it to much high floor i am currently floor 3.5k and counting. frozen will be the last remedy for that mythic boss just lure more than 10 monster i guess tips to explode the frozen make sure your damage is below 10b and lure monsters then explode that can kill tough boss tested it from my 2 build set up and also change the plague to permafrost in pet and make elemental critical at 50% and above to trigger always the frozen from the halo-halo build i made some adjustment to it and observing before i made some update.

@flasher13 can i ask you a favor… i have a quest what are the good set affixes for rogue bow in arena… plssss give some suggestions… thanks!!!

i do not make pvp build yet but soon i will make one

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No worries about the build. I enjoy the creativity that you invest in your builds. Try using demonic set instead of permafrost since you drain the hp of the mobs and bosses early. I’ll keep an eye on your builds if you happened to have a new one :grin:

Defiant, deadly arts and pathfinder are good for both offense and defense. Berserker with electrified and high attack speed is a must if u want to play bow type. Some hp boosting sets are also a must in order to survive cv from warrior and wizard users. And last is demonic for the execute dmge. Honestly, bow and gun are not suitable for pvp since it has low dmge but if you happen to make one that has decent survaviblity and has a high power output then your good to go mate.

Challenge accepted. Well maybe. Although coat is still so good tbh and for decent survival, I could do it via vault or something.

It’s gonna be a hard build and because you have to be closer to opponent but there’s a way.

It’s not as hard as doing one hit kill bow shots with discordance. I’d need so many hits to win against opponents though so high attack speed and damage per arrow is something to achieve and tank against CV.

I’m talking PvP.

Although Multi Shot build is possible too because pathfinder bonus , PTL , high Mh%, etc. Problem is that it isn’t high hit frequency but it does deal big damage. The problem in arena is that people are so tanky that you actually have to hit really fast and avoid the CV at the same time.

Guidedshot , 2× PTL, Timewarp , Multi Attack , Extra Attack , attack speed from hunger+/ angelic. Any ways to hit rapidly and use procs to assist you whilst having some survival.

Would living force work with arrows? I’m not sure.

DMG from 7× 1040 ED though is a way to help achieve that.

Survival you know what you can do.