Stuck at floor 32


Here is my problem :

With my wizard, it happens my game freeze at floor 32, nearly each time I cast a spell on a mob (ice slime for sure, maybe all monsters). It also happen when a mob cast a spell on me.
That don’t occur if the mob is far away, maybe a graphical issue ?
I have tried different weapons and spell, still the same problem.
There is no problem on previous level.

I tried to snipe until I reach the exit, but I have to kill an orange mob and this is really hard to kill all without even seeing them.

I am stuck.

Please help me !


My phone : Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

More tests from me :

The problem occurs also playing the warrior.
The problem occurs also with another hero hired.

That seems this is only the fact of attacking an ice slime that cause the crash, at the floor 32. Attacking an ice slime at floor 31 works fine.

This is really annoying, I am forced to stop playing, I cannot go further in the game for the moment.

I have similar (if not the same) problem, but its on every snow level.
Edit: Yes only when ice slime is spawned.

Does this happen with every spell or only certain ones?

And when you say the ice slime is spawned do you mean when they appear or when they appear and when you hit them?

Sorry for my bad english, i was not really the best at school.

This happen when the ice slime is near of the character, approximatively 90%/95% of the distance between the character and the border of the screen. Another way to say that : if ice slime is between me and 90% of the distance to the border of the phone when i cast a spell or an attack, this is over.

I can shot the ice slim if they are far away, not visible on the screen or in the 10% distance inside the screen allowed to me.
I assume they appear outside of my screen range, that’s why i can shot them before seeing them.
And this is really the launch of the spell that makes the game freeze forever, not the impact of the spell on the ice slime.
Maybe the 5%/10% allowed to me doesn’t freeze the game because the ice slime is not on the screen at the moment i cast the spell. Not really sure, this is so fast…

I mentioned ice slime because I am really sure the problem occurs with them, but it could be possible that happen with other kind of monsters.

All my spell cause this problem (both warrior and magician, all weapons, all elements) when we hit them. And even some spell launched by the elites or the guys falling from the skies make the game freeze (maybe because of some ice slim, not sure about it).

I just tried level 12, I have got the same problem. Levels 11 and 31 are not a problem for me, but “noclip”, answering before you, wrote he get the same problem at all ice floors.

edit : and one more thing important : this problem were not there before the last patch. I could get into the level 32 with my wizard, that mean i succeeded at least once on level 12 (and i remember I made the floor 11 to 15 many times).

Got the same problem too… its kinda sad because im addicted to the game yet I cant play it because it keeps freezing T_T

How long are you guys waiting before closing down the app when the game becomes stuck?

It working now I clicked compile shaders for many times now ang it loaded 1-2 sec… I tried to wait for 5mins then it unfroze… thanks for the advice I hope I wont experience the same problem^^ thanks^^

Hell yeah, that unfreeze with some time.

I have just made 2 try : 2min37 and 2min55.

Little boring anyway, but at least we still play.


[quote=“xmariello”]Hell yeah, that unfreeze with some time.

I have just made 2 try : 2min37 and 2min55.

Little boring anyway, but at least we still play.

Same here. Thanks for advise:-)

Yeah we’re sorry about that :frowning:

Some of our resources are streamed in while playing, and some of them can take very very long on certain devices. This is why we do a load at the beginning of play to try to catch as many of these long loads as possible.

We’ll be putting that ice slime resource at the beginning starting the next patch.