Stuck on map

Act 4 floor 200 (all act 4 maps) I’m getting stuck in the top right corner of peninsulas especially those with background items in the area. Hung in-between the lava and the map. I’m using a wizard with battle mage for movement. Charge has multi attack x4 . I’m also using arc and nova if that matters . Skull shield is also active. This happens very regularly. I don’t know if it’s been reported yet but I hope it gets fixed. In the meantime I’ll be sure to steer clear and hop a little less haphazardly. Loving the game BTW. Awesome job. (EL) Diablo killer​:joy::joy::innocent:

Just to make sure I understand, you are using charge skill and then are getting stuck, right?

Thanks for playing DQ!!

Sorry for the long response. I’ll check real quick and make sure that’s what’s doing it.

No. I can just walk into the corner and I am immediately trapped

mobizen_20161031_082635.mp4 (4.9 MB) here’s a short video showing the problem

yeah, looks like the charge skill is putting you in the corner (on proc)

I tested that I’m sticking on walking too. Hope it helps. Anything I can do to help just let me know.

That corner of those gates seems to always get ppl stuck. It happens with just walking. Usually, I can walk out normally so I never bothered to report this bug.

I see it a lot when I am using other classes movement skills. That is probably a placebo…but at least it feels like I see it more using cross class movement skills.