Stun or Paralyze

Did the effect of twister and taunt considered as stun?
And the stun can also be paralyze? Im just thinking about it , the stars surrounding the monsters in maps hitted by taunt or twister , is that a stun effect?

Im pretty sure they’re different, but I’ll try ti high voltage an enemy after being taunted for ya

No, they are different, think of paralysis like the freeze effect, also barbarian and paralyze are different too

Im guessing your thinking about chain cc, and i dont know. Sorry :sweat_smile:

I wonder too i use ice element in using twister , then something comes in my mind so i bother to ask here haha . Still getting confused in analyzing .

Taunt and twister cause a half second ‘stun’ as an interupt because you cant attack while being pulled into a tornado :man_shrugging:t2:
If you have freeze or element critical chance, then you can free an enemy and that will be a 3 second ‘stun’

But say i freeze an enemy, there is a duration of immunity to freeze (which i do not know the time) to prevent a permanent interupt

So by chance highvoltage is gonna work on taunted/twistered enemies?

No sorry, i should have been more clear on that :sweat_smile: