Stupid skyfall sfx haha

Actually, i dont mind it at all, but what i think should NOT happen, is after beating the cartographer, if you die, it shouldnt just start up again.

I race to cartographer to kill and be rid of skyfall on purpose, not because its deadly, not because it lags low end devices like you wouldnt believe… no, merely cause the sound effect is obnoxious to hear like a clock that has taken life, become drunk, and loud, with nothing of any importance To say, what so ever… ksshhh ksshhh ksshhh, gawd

Pls devs, consider removing the trigger on death after kill cartog.

God its just nerve grating.

The sound effect is just too loud, too repetitive, and with no way to turn it off aside from killing all game sound, let us keep silence after killing cartog. Thats all. Ty.


You should read The Tell-Tale Heart. It was written in 1843. Your description made me think of the story.



Oh, and one last thing is the way packsize maps drop skyfall mobs, and alot at one time. Youre already bombarding us with so many skyfall / mob spawn explosions, which all use the same sfx. I hope you will consider adjusting how skyfall works… well, mostly, just leaving it disabled after cartog.

Ty, that is all.

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Oh, just wanted to point out an oversight from the devs regarding the sfx volume option.

It doesnt change the activating a shrine volume. And in backpack selling items, gold sound as well. Lol, :slight_smile:

Blasted my girl wide awake learning that one. O,o

that is the reason why I enjoy the game


Why the heck do you go on skyfall maps?

Be a rebel

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