Sub machine gun flintlock


I put one zenith and one elixer both my jewelries but i cant achieved the rapid fire effects only the 2 bullets each at once firings in pvp. But still slow not those i saw from my opponent’s 4 to 6 bullets in single firing my mirror image tries to mimic that effect but not good enough compare to the opponent is have no mirror image but more bullets than me






Can i name your build ^^Goodlike’s Uzi^^ ?

it really brought this to my mind




you need 1 more +2 multi attack to get +2 multi attack in PVP, and if that isn’t enough, two +2 extra attack chance. there are also some affixes and sets that give you a chance for an extra free attack. Elemental Set gives a chance for extra attack with a different element, and Specialist gives a chance to cast a second Special attack for free, and Mirror Cast gives a chance to cast any spell a second time for free.


Also to get perfect 2+ Multi Attack in PvP because cap is 2. instead of using Zenith Mythstone, use legend affix for Multi Attack from Ruby crystal. Zenith crystal for Extra Attack though to get the max cap of 2+ Extra Attack.


ahh, right, the Myth stones are reduced 70%, and the affixes are only reduced 60%. that one extra space can make all the difference in a build for PVP, with all the reductions you have to build around.


Thanks for the info i need more extra atk so what i going to remove to replace it with extra atk economically or sufficiently or practically? Or the best way. I already modified my rogue many times. Before i not good in range or melee char. My specialized is magic user unlike my wizard has never modified at all because i make the build suitable to my skills and idea


I remodified my build now replaced the razored with HP% in the pestilence… and then i replaced the HP% with +2 extra attack in the flintlock without compromising the build but cheapes way it work’s better now the mirror images do its job. It fires like an uzi now in the pvp hehe i thinking many time before i got the solution