maybe u got an idea about this SubZero. And yes! You are right! This build is all about ice and freezing.

I saw already this kind of build on this forum but u might want as well to look on what ive got.

This might not be the best build out there but this build gives u millions to billions of damage.

First things first. Lets enumirate the pros and cons of this build.

  1. Massive kill
  2. Fast kill
  3. Long range
  4. Spammable
  5. Can 1 shot map bosses (if the boss is with the group of mobs)


  1. Died in 1 shot including tnt props
  2. Having trouble in 1x1 vs boss
    To follow when i discover some more cons

So lemme show you my set

  1. Defiant - 25% damage increase to boost damage. With cosmicorb mythic itll helps to deal additional damage and elemental effect. Ull need orb as a skill.

  2. Permafrost- u might as well want that 50% ice damage. With ur OH. Its up to u if u wanna use mana shield or skull shield as a skill. I prefer skull shield since it attacks automatically and u just have to cast it once. Timewarp is a must to increase projectile damage.

  3. Artherial drain- im stuck to wether use this one or blood magic. But i found this to be more useful. This allows me to spam orb nonstop plus addidtional elemental crit.

  4. Reactor- orb with arcdodge lol. This also gives u as one source of ur damage or id rather say this is ur main damager aside from orb. In addition this allows u to hit enemies in wide range.

  5. Living force- i found this one useful to orb. u can spam the orb and itll last long on the battle field does gives a variety of damage.

  6. Frozen - this is what it is all about. Ur damage increases while they are frozen and when they died while on the freezing effect it causes an explosion that damages nearby enemies. This can one shot all enemies nearby including bosses.

  7. Cosmic power- pet set affix. Gives u a lot of mana. Also increases projectile damage when time warp is active. ( u can change this one on whichever u prefer)

P.S look at the affixes. I focus more on ED% and ED+, other affixes includes glasscannon ( boost fire power), elemental crit % ( for freezing effect, i advice u to have atleast 2 gear with this affix or get atleast 50%), frostbiting ( pur damage multiplyer while the effect is on). Its up to you if u wanna change some of those affixes but on my journey this is the best combination of affixes.

Nows here the stat and hero skill distribution and its effect.


P.S : im using this wizard as hireling for map pushing, and uses my tank (40M hp) with perma taunt proc. They are a great duo.
Also just ignore the hp if ur going on full damage build coz in higher map hp dont matter unless ur build is pure tank with millions of HP.

P.S : plz comment for suggestion and reaction for better improvement.

Thanks for reading! :nerd_face:

Very nice :+1:

  • According to DPS formula, you should replace the +5000 Ice DMG with +5000 Weapon DMG affix on your wand; also replace the Ignore Resist with +50% DMG mythstone
  • Your total ElemCrit is 80.6%, cap is 40%. Replace one with the removed Ignore Resist on wand.
  • Your total CritDMG is 448.9%, cap is 325%. *Try replacing one crystal affix with Crushing blow if you are climbing floors.
  • Your overall damage will increase if you replace all Nature from ‘of the Elements’ into ‘of Haste’
  • ? Max Dexterity instead of Barrage? Arc and skulls are your main dmg dealer eh?

How come?



Sorry, are the more accurate computations based on the screenshots available :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dunno about you. but heres (some of the skills) my experienced from haste and elements :sunglasses:

The above stats has natures of haste :frowning:

The below stats are with those elements :smile:

Hope you can post your skill stats too

Honestly, those are just based on the official DPS formula and don’t have the same equipment as @qwertyqwert
I computed on a ‘of Haste’ perspective when I saw the ‘of the Elements’ then that’s what the DPS formula gave me, thus suggesting it.
Not sure which is actually impacting from the two, really. :stuck_out_tongue:

you can try it with your equipment. does not necessarily need to be equal with others equip

will definitely try.
I also have a hard time determining which is which in this game. :cry:
DPS formula is the only guide I follow because I presume it’s reliable.
But if based on other’s experience, this is what it is, I will follow them.

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Thank u so much @ralfh will do it after i farm enough mats.
I got some question though if i remove ignore resist ill be having trouble dealing with monster with greatly resist ice affix? :nerd_face: I do have 2 crit damage crustal affix because i want to maximize it, 1 isnt enough, any suggestion how to max it out? :hugs: With the cap thing. If the cap is 40 for elem crit why the stat doesnt show the [40] just like in the crit damage but instead it shows my total percent in orange number? And i only need to change the element damage + on MH to weapon damage+ and retain the element damage %? :upside_down_face: Thank u if anyone can answer :kissing:

Ow my bad u just put the ignore resist on the other item affix :sweat_smile:

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thats right. and if you found out which. you can take screen shots and post it here so others can see and learn from it

I knew the [40] cap on E.Crit on the ‘All Stats’ page. Some items doesn’t have clear indicators though, with the [xx] thing. Not sure, if one turns into orange indicates that you’ve hit the cap?
Crushing Blow really really helps on high floors. It saps out HP really fast so you can trigger Frozen explosions more frequently.
Your wand should look like this:
Mythstone (+50DMG%)
+98.7% Frostbiting
+98.6% Ice DMG %
+5000 weapon DMG

@ralfh The DPS formula is super reliable but when it says attack speed it’s very misleading it does not actually mean the stat attack speed it means {maximum number of hits per second against a single target} which is why the nature “of the elements” is generally better then “of haste” because “of the elements” buffs all damage output sources where as “of haste” only buffs main hand primary skills hope that clears up all of the confusion for everyone around why of the elements is generally considered stronger then of haste :smile:

@qwertyqwert the cap for elemental crit chance is 40% if you go and check again you will see it has capped you at 40 on your stats page as well as if you check the damage page :smile: and yes 100% weapon damage is generally better on your primary weapon of choice if you already have lots of elemental damage on other gear.

Uhm will it be better to make my OH with weapon affixes rather than element affixes also? Or just the Main hand?

most likely based on a basic glance at your build no as your main damage output it is mainly from your mainhand and not your offhand :smile:

Noted on this.
Question though, on the calculation, why did the +5000 weapon dmg gave a higher DPS calculation instead of the +50 WD%??? the thread says, as long as I have 80+ power, +WD% will be more powerful.

FYI - I have your Smithery on my bookmark haha. Well done on that! :+1:

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i dont think its reliable. if it is. then it should be seen clearly within my screen shot