Suddenly get banned

Hi guys im new here, i recently reached eternal div 1, but after a few hours, i suddenly get banned, what just happen?, i didnt even have edited item, all my items are non eternal (even the trophy), plss help me!

When my account is never comback! in I’ll try to create new account! Again Hayzzz!.:weary:

Maybe creating new account is only way, but im afraid i get banned again before i reached top 3 , that my only goal, i really want that eternal back vanity

divination is key! For this! To get back legitleague!

Yes, you have only one choice: create a new account ) I was banned for Upload/download when I changed the phone, the developers wrote to me that they have no function unban ) good Luck !

Btw, welcome to ban league ma boi :slight_smile:

Seriously?, they cant unban?, i think maybe its a server bug, i see alot of legit players in the ban league, mostly on div2 and div1, i fought most of them, so i know their legit including MATANDA

I wonder if the unban is because if a hacker/cheater can hack a game, they can hack to unban themselves? it sucks for the Legit players, but as long as there are cheating players, there will be Legit players caught in the crossfire.

I also think that the Ban League functions just like Battle Arena, so players in BL should be able to get Vanities just like players in BA.

yes dude, this is very strange, but it is so, believe me.
I was banned when I changed the phone, I download characters 2 times a day, and I was banned, at that time I was the top 1 player, and I was the first who came up with an anti-immortal build with the amulet ignis bane (because of him I was checked by the way)

I corresponded with the game developers, provided them with just all the evidence that maybe, in response, I heard: we don’t have the function to get the character from ban league …

I, of course, did not create a new account) I invested ~ 30 $, 3000+ hours into the game, and a lot of nerves when I made new builds;)

I advise you to forget, they are already engaged in DQ2, so wait and meet there :slight_smile:

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bun league is the same as BA, here you also get Vanity, chests and experience, and there is also a top. Get out of it, even with the help of developers can not.

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thanks for reply @gruvka, I wasn’t sure about Vanities in the Ban League, but from the Forums, the only difference between the Leagues was who was in which one.

@nampetz000, I hope this helps.

i really want that eternal back vanity

This thread is misleading and the information provided is not provided in its entirety.
I can most certainly move players accounts that have been flagged back into the normal league if their account was flagged by mistake which has happened in the past.

What I cannot do is “fix” a players save game after it has been “damaged” or edited outside of our game or our server.

Once that happens, no, I cannot fix the save game. Whatever caused the save game to become “edited” (it could be a player used editing software to cheat, it could be a player used a PC emulator to play our game which we do not support, it could also be any other thing that could cause a save game to become damaged) I cannot fix that.

Moving a save game around to various “devices” is not something I cannot account for on my end. I do my best to test our game on hardware that I have access to. If a player decides to move their save game to a new device, then back to their old device, then to another device, those are situations I cannot plan for.

It is difficult to manage a save game between Android -> Amazon -> Apple, but when players start moving to old versions of android, old versions of Apple OS and play the game on PC emulators (to be clear I am not stating anyone in this thread has done this…simply providing examples) there is no way for me to anticipate that, test in ever scenario, and have solutions to problems that happen because of hardware we do not support.