Suggest guys newbie only

What should i do next ?
Should i add inferno set or armor & health set ?
Floor 500 M3

You need dodge and block rate. You can create a 100% block build with bulwark 40 that gives additional 20% block rate and with the help of epiphany 7 w/c will give you 81% base block rate either you’re attacking or not. If you have hireling. I suggest to balance your dodge and block rate by the help of epiphany 5 giving you 75 block and 75 dodge. Epiphany items are wizard item. If you have a wizard those parts can be loot on floor 600 but if you’re in a rush to build you can craft 1 either ring or necklace it’s you choice. My farming setup is warrior tank w/ 75% dodge and 75% block with bulwark 40 so in total i have 95% block chance and another 75 to dodge. With luck and gold find . My set affix are 5epiphany, 5nadroji, 5crystaline, 5eternalize, 6frozen. My hireling is my damager a ranger rogue build.

That is my set up on my hireling. I’m currently farming on floor 1148 with minimal deaths. Maybe 1 or 2 . Normally what I do especially in apocalypse type of map with pack size is to respawn 1st all the mobs even I die once then after that I just let my ranger kill the mobs while following it by my main. That hireling set up can also do 0.3 heal map. Hope it helps you. Good luck.

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This is my main toon setup.

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do you have Ascendant Set on one of the other 2 Items that are not shown or the Pet? Arcanist Set wont work without it.

Only trash set . But i can craft it with chest . It is very useful ?

Arcanist need ascendant to activate debuff Arcane to enemies,change your OH from Totem to horn, i suggest with Rouge OH Hunger Trap than convert with jasper to warrior OH weapon Horn,it have 200% weapon dmg/red affix
Remove dmg to elite on Lance,change to Elemcrit chance
Add 1 set Momentum and 2/3x Move speed
You don’t need any Dodge,just using 1 block obsidian and 40 bullwark.
Amulet talent is wrath
Change All elemen to Ice,only Ice

This is my warrior gameplay

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Ascendant has the Arcane Debuff which lasts for 5 seconds. the extra damage debuff from Arcanist only lasts for 0 seconds without Ascendant Set. and you need Weaken to place the Ascendant/Arcanist Debuff on enemies, so don’t put Ignore Resists on your build, or it will cancel Weaken.

Trash Set? depends on how you use it and the build you want. for example, I think Adventurer Set is a Trash Set because it requires the Gold Picked Up Indicator to be activated. when there is no Gold to pick up and it takes time to kill the boss, it stops working.

for other players, they have Adventurer on Farm Builds or builds that can kill enemies fast before the Gold Pick Up Indicator is gone, so Adventurer Set isn’t a Trash Set.

Wizard is the best Class for using Ascendant Set, because it has the Amplify Talent (+% damage per rank for each DoT on enemy). but any Class that has +200% ED or higher can make good use of Ascendant & Arcanist Set Combo.

let us know how it works for you.