Suggestion on legend maps and eternal maps

I want to suggest on legend maps and eternal maps to spawn enslaver with 100% chance. because its not that easy to hunt those maps if you know what i mean. :smiley: . it will help people to get a higher chance on getting legend pets and eternal pets coz its so hard to hunt those. -_- . i know theres a monster boost but kindly consider players who cant buy boost. :slight_smile: . thank you so much, hoping for you positive response admins.


Interesting suggestion. I kind of wished that too. Speed up every player so a lot will have a fair share of chance to get eternal pets quickly and to get 25 pets in codex as well as possibly make getting all 25 eternal pets possible; 1 of each pet in eternal form.

I kinda agree and its ruff farming that pet I’ve only had a couple eternal and sold them instantly because stats were so useless but compared to most games you pay nothing besides that occasional monster buff and something should be difficult. I like that you can’t change thier stats even if they aren’t eternal kinda adds that wow factor and hidden aspect in your build. But ya eternal pets are kinda sorta way to hard to farm. Consideing how much time I’ve put in and to only have foind I think 5 eternal pets 2 of witch happen to be OK and usable set its kinda terrible.

Think that’s why someone asked why people are always calling people cheaters when they have 1-3 eternal pets with perfect all around stats HP/hp%/dmg/dmg% then like crits or what ever. In my eyes I could win the power ball twice before I landed a pet like that. So all you dowys making your pets read this and change at least 1 affix to be bad don’t wear a sign on your for head that says “I don’t sleep at night because in to busy douching”

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Additional idea.
Legend Map = 100% enslaver and legend pet
Eternal Map = 100% enslaver and 50-50 eternal pet


Cool! This sounds like an awesome idea. I mean eternal maps are fairly rare no matter how much you play so it’s only fair. There’s so many pets in the game and so many pet combos too. So many builds use pets nowadays too.

Legend maps can be got once a day or some farming sessions. I get normal legend maps bloating my inventory and it might be op at giving many legend pets but I see where you’re coming from. Just need to make sure it doesn’t break the game and make them too common. 100% chance in legend map without 100% at giving legend pet is a fine idea though. The eternal map giving 50-50% at giving legend pet that turns eternalized is cool though as eternal maps are pretty rare. Maybe even 100% at eternal pet for eternal map but 50% sounds better.

I have six bags of legend maps, so totally not a balanced idea.

Yeah I agree . :witnessprotectionparrot: .

Still wish I could Jasper pets though. That way I could turn a skill I don’t like into a talent or hero skill I do like and suddenly turn that pet into useful again. Extra stealth , possible extra orb skill or other kind of skill or maybe even a talent on pet that is hard to get but possible. Might break things but idk. I mean the pet codex would have to change too unfortunately. Maybe not jasper pet I guess.

Hahahahaha!!! I am not sure I have ever laughed at anything on this forum as much as your post!!! You gave me a huge gut laugh. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

+1 I support your post!!! Great suggestion.