Suggestions on xmas event:
Discounts on vendor,packages,skins and vanity
Christmas avatars or new skins
Christmas boost
Christmas maps


We are trying to get an update completed for Google play store now which is why we are running a bit behind on getting the xmas update out.

We will have our xmas vanity items
A set of boosts (xmas week and new years week as well)
and I will see what I can do about discounts in the store. The only caveat to the store discounts is that we do not have a way to change the prices in the game, so we will have to make the price changes at the store level and the discount will appear in the App Store charge window.

Thanks for the feedback and have a great holiday!


Sounds great. I will buy all vanities if have discounts.

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Me? I just need premium stash hahaha have a discounted prem stash please :slight_smile:

Getting the discounts ready now. Will have a list posted tonight. Thanks again for the feedback and Happy Holidays!

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Thanks :heart: :heart:

The prices have been updated to their normal cost.

Thanks for the post and thanks for supporting/playing DQ!


thats pretty awsome sauce. shiny box for the win.


Awsome!!! <3

Wow, Awesome discounts. You will have my monies…well, more of my monies actually.

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Thanks for your support and have a Merry Christmas!


Is this available until now?

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Dude i saw your pvp warrior build and i Wanted to thank you personally i hope you will get what you want merryxmas :smile:

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Defender’s actually … Did not saw yours before

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Use it as your base build,

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This really awesome!