If You dont mind checking my suggestion.

  1. Make 4 character slots, and two slots for free, since there will be 3 characters.
  2. More items.
  3. Maybe option switch/swap in enhancement tab.
  4. Item forge (dismantle items for materials)
  5. An online room, world boss or something, where everyone will get individual drops.
  6. Additional world/map I guess? I suggest something like the heavens, since the last looks like underworld. Where players need wings or similar items

More slots are on the way with our rogue update (as well as items)

I like the wings idea of flying through worlds, reminds me of the end of Kid Icarus (a really old NES game)!!

Well,i remembered the game MU online,for wings, and as for item crafting and dismantling, from cabal,since there are some items which seems to be useless. Ex. Warrior helm with wizard stats. Also, I had this idea of a challenge room, such as an all boss stage where you need to run thru boss stages for item runs

I agree with you ajtagayun im an online gamer if youre famillar with the game dragonest its awesome game i have warrior/mage/paladin/and sorcerrer high level and good sets weapon epic and rare but the gm here ignore my concern about buying slots in peso disappointing:(

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I second the motion for another slots free!!

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I dont even get it… you have good sets and weapon but in 1 stroke ull die in a boss battle just like 1 hit in ran private server graveyard ran
Is this what you call strenght?

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The game is addicting perhaps
Dis appointing… more ideas and development needed… :frowning:

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Hi fellow filipino citizen!

-dami na ding mga pilipino na naglalaro ng dungeon quest hehe

I like your online room suggestion! most of the players nowadays wants an online interaction with other players especially mobile rpg game :smiley:

Filipino here :smile: to be honest, filipinos have great minds, great ideas, its just that, we lack some push and drive to tell others what we want :smile:

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American here. I oove the idea of world boss an rebirth like in conquer online. But mak srue we could still play offline cuz I love this game an I dont have wifi in to many places here. But I also wouldnt mine seeing a complete some offers to open slots. Because even thomits cheap to get slots I cant afford it an dont have a way to buy. Awsome game tho an in my opinion its the best out there … thsnk you shinybox

Forge (material + craft)
Sockets (gems on stuff)

Were already announced (more or less, steiger talked about it quickly) by Steiger :smile:

Thumbs down for online, too many online games, not enough good free offline games.

I agree i would love to see some crafting, as well as socketing of some kind. The crafting should involve some type of certain mats, peices of equipment or pages like a codex that details the crafting plan and ull need to find them all in order to craft that peice. Also id like to see different types of weapons and armor that could allow the player to use skills otherwise not available for use on that character type. One last suggestion would b to implement some new skills, with skills bein based on what on/off hand you use ,imo almost forces most ppls builds to be the same.