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Hey so im rather new to the game but have been playing pretty steadily for a few weeks and lurking around the forums. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a summoner build. I was thinking an explode on death summoner build but I’m not sure how consistent the clear speed/ dmg output would be and how i could make it work. But due to my lack in knowledge im really not sure where to start. If anyone knows how to make this work id love your input if not id also appreciate someone pointing me towards a cheap wizard farming build, ty in advance.

Try this build and ask @marwinberna. He knows a lot about this build.


Ask me? I know anything :slight_smile: . But then again, I’m totally a newbie. Not… I know too but Marwinberna would be better I guess.

I was thinking more something where the damage came from (i forget what the specific skill was called) the minion explode on death skill. So i wouldn’t focus on buffing them at all other than movement speed. Do you think they’d be able to do enough damage for consistent clears? Also are the minions exploding able to proc spells?

corpse explosion… haha jk :slight_smile:

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ahahaha I found one The Apocalypse Wizard build, Would still like to know if the sacrifice can proc something like nova or meteor etc for extra dmg

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If you can somehow find a way to keep minions alive to fight on higher floors then i believe fury proc can activate as many times as you like, combine with appocolypse you could have an army (dont go too crazy because of lag :sweat_smile:) also fury scales from MH which is easier to get high damage for than the summon which scale from OH

NOTE: i have not tested fury fully as i personally have no intention of the build, it was just something i noticed while screwing arround with command (command sucks IMO :joy:)

If your doing a fury build then this may help, i take no crdit for this! Just something i dug up out of the depths of this forums List of Affixes.xlsx (142 Bytes)

The whole thing i’m trying to get at here is that i don’t want them to live, i want them to die and explode and cause damage. That was the closest build I’ve found i just still have questions on whether the explosion on death from sacrifice procs other skills and whether or not the dmg out put would be high enough for a good clear speed?

No, they count as their own entity, not you or your own casts… Suicide is about all they can do and they act like a hireling
But summon and command are hand to hand combat so they will run up and explode but if that doesnt finish the target your left vulnerable and youll find yourself spamming them a lot like grenades however your gonna be very weak to packsize since they have small aoe and otherwise hit one enemy at a time

darn okay thankyou for the help, i was really hoping they could just be auto aimed grenades that even if they don’t do much dmg on their own, they could proc lots of other spells for dmg

Cuzeg just ran some tests for me… It could be viable with spirit master if you have fury proc, spam summon (youll get five summons and three furys maximum at once) and look into multiplying your damage ill link a build guide whos concept will work well with this (frozen set)

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alright i really appreciate that. at this point in the game I don’t have enough knowledge or resources to test things out

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