Summoner Build

At long last I have finished my wizard build. I don’t have it actually completed but the theory has been crafted. This is the build:

Legends Needed
• Vial of Blood (For DMG to Elites) Jaspered to Tomb
• Mutiny (for DMG to Elites and ED%)
• Nadroji’s Robe (For Nadroji and ED%)
• Apex of Epiphany (For Epiphanym, Elemental Crit Chance% and ED%)
• Nadroji’s Crystal (For Nadroji)
• Cognition (For Push the Limit and ED%)

Mythic Affixes
• MH Apocalypse
• Chest Brutal
• Head Synergy
• Ring Unity
• Amulet Empyrean
• OH Equivalence
Half the Mythics are there for Survivability and the other half for Damage

Mythstones Needed
This is a list of all Mythstones needed to gain these Mythics
• Hero x2
• Mentor x1
• Protest x3
• Boon x1
• Wisdom x3
• Endow x3
• Haste x1
• Death x2
• Abyss x2
• Quest x1
• Fortune x1
• Return x1
• Time x1
• Master x2

Crystal Affixes
• Attack Speed = 40%
• Crit Chance > 25%
• Crit DMG > 200%
• Deadly Strike > 25%
• Deadly Strike > 25%
• All Resist > 600
Most of these are for straight DMG. I add a little extra Survivability as well.

Set Affixes
• Summoner
• Spirit Master
• Nadroji
• Nadroji
• Momentum (I know that this adds up to 7 Sets but I will be getting Legend Pet Spike)
• Equality
• Epiphany
The first two are for helping to increase the DMG that the Summons will do. Nadroji x2 is to increase Enemy Rarity. Equality turns Equivalence into DMG. Epiphany adds an extra 70% DMG.

Legend Affixes
• All Spiritmancer x3
• Ignore Resists
• Push the Limit 50%
o Cognition
• DMG to Elites 100%
o Mutiny and Vial of Blood
• ED% 400%
o Mutiny, Nadroji’s Robe, Apex of Epiphany, and Cognition
• Summon DMG% 150% (I am getting info from Wiki and it says max is 25% per affix)
o One on each item
• Elemental Critical 30%
o Apex of Epiphany
• Elemental Critical DMG 600%
o One on Each Item
• Move Speed 100%
o One on each Item
• Item Drops 100%
o On two of them
• Set Numbers +2
o Nadroji’s Crystal
I am unsure exactly where to spread this stuff out. Some of these Affixes need to be on all 6 items.

Talents Needed
• Prowess
• Boost
• Astral/Spiritual (Not sure which one will increase DMG the highest)
• Reclaim (In order to add more summon DMG)
Each of these will be maxed out at 40.

Epic Affixes
• Attack Speed > 15%
• Attack Speed > 15%
• [Element] Critical 80%
o At least as close as I can get. I am also not sure which element to choose.
• WD +5000
o Actually only on Tomb as Minions are prime source of DMG
• Crit Chance 15%
• ED 20%
o Mostly just to add that little extra DMG
• HP on Hit 2000

Normal Affix
• Empty Socket x4
o In order to add WD 50%, Item Drop Rate 100%, All Set +2

Any help fixing up would be nice.

What is your build for? Does it focus on climbing or farming? I think Nadroji is inefficient in this build.

Yesssss, I love when people ussssssse DMG to Elitessssss.

Hiss hiss.

Slither slither.

no step on snek

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It is actually meant to be a hybrid build. I have been enjoying this game immensely and I love both aspects of the game: PvE and PvP. So I was attempting to craft a build that would be capable of both. In my own climbing I noticed that the fastest method of farming mobs is to not have to stop at all, thus the summons and skulls. And in PvP I noticed that using the Skullshield is a little bit on the op side as well, for the exact same reason. I can move and attack at the same time. So my question that created this build was: How can I maximize the DMG of the Minions and Skulls while being safe? This is what I came up with. Still not sure exactly which element would do best for me, but I think that Fire and Poison will not do it. Most of these attacks are not AoE as well as not hitting monsters multiple times. Thus, I need high single DMG and not DMG spread over time in order to one shot the smaller mobs at Mythic 3 high floors

It is possible to have a duality on your build, although you should have considered the difference in the stat pools of pve and pvp. PvP is nerfed down to level 20 and the stat caps were pulled down. In PvE, survivability is a must in your build while keeping billions of damage in high floors. When you said being able to survive in m3 at high floors, well it depends on your definition of high floors, because at mythic 3 floor 1000 everything literally OHKO’s any character, so your synergy as quite nerfed. At high floors typically in order to survive high dodge rate + block + Sanctuary is a must.
PvP is more efficient with your build rather than floor climbing, although nadroji will be rendered useless, because nadroji is specifically designed for farming. Cuzeg’s Meteor God build is the best hybrid build I’ve seen, although with your formulated playstyle it wont suit you because it is an Aftermath build.

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I was trying to get as high as I can go. Also, I did take into consideration the PvP Stat Caps but decided that since this was also a PvE build it didn’t matter. This is only the first draft of my build. Any advice on what to change would be much appreciated. Would Synergy, then, be completely pointless and I should replace it with Sanctuary?

Hmm… Im not much of a help here, Im sorry I think Im just criticising your build. I havent tried toying with summons yet, so the mechanics are quite vague. I’m just explaining that having tons of HP in Pve high floors is quite useless, in fact you can use 1 hp, but in PvP having HP can turn things around, even command can sometimes provide greater HP than your character. There is a lot to consider when creating a PVE - PVP build. Remove nadroji, epiphany is quite useless because you have no exceeding capped stats, Unity is m… Remove it, you can benefit more from other affixes like Crushing Blows, very important on high floors on enemies of billions of HP. Remove item drops, that’s for farming builds.

Not to get your hopes down, but my theory is on high floors if any toon gets OHKO’ed, then probably your summons will definitely be the same. Sacrifice is a better option, for floor climbing.

The Epiphany was less for the stat cap increase and more for the 70% DMG increase from Attack Speed. Thanks for the suggestions. I will continue to tweak it.

An update to this build. I found out I am trying to add too many Affixes to it. But I don’t know what to remove. Help me guys.

I already build a Summoner Build for PVE, on floor 600+ your minions will be OHKOED.
I’m farming/hunting exactly on floor 1000 now. You can build other builds that cannot be OHKOED on floor 1000+, but still can do Billions of dmg, but not for Summoner Build for your minions will not be able to attack, they’ll be killed before they can lay their hands on the enemies. xD
So far Hiro is right about the minions getting OHKO on high floors m3.
Just wanna share my experience, but if you continue and discover a Summoner Build that can actually be used on high floors, I’ll be waiting for it, and Good Luck.

Yeah, that is what I found with just having the normal minions. They really do need a buff, they just die to quickly. I know that the devs are afraid they will get too op in PvP but this game is supposed to be PvE focused. They should link the minions health directly to ours and multiply it by a bit, especially the “tanky” commander.