I’ve emailed about losing my Eternal Ascension on 3 characters, losing my Christmas Vanity.
We were talking and it seemed like all was going well, then all of a sudden I stopped getting emails. Anyone know what’s going on?

Same thing happened to me. exactly what you experienced. they also stopped emailing me

Kinda makes me mad because I lose all those perks and I cant farm as easily

Me too man. I’m getting so antsy. Just gonna keep playing final fantasy 9 until I hear back

I understand your fear. They are still working on the issues to help you out. Thank you very much guys for your patience!

From what I know, they are on the road so not the best internet is available. I am pretty sure other issues are happening too. The devs have promised us an explanation once everything is solved and I know they will keep their word. They really like you guys (even more than I do)!

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Okay, thank you

i cant message you @tdaniel so i just posted it…

imean league*

Do you get that internal server error anytime you try to @ someone or does it only happen when you @ me?

it happens whenever i click message button

I cannot reproduce that on my end…are you using a vpn or anything like that?

its okay now…my onlyproblem now is im banned and my stashes and items in every stash is now gone even my xtals and mstones

why my auzlef is being banned in the league and my stashes are now wiped?


Looks like an issue with your purchase restore. You need to restore purchases from the options menu if you are using a Google device.


Its a legit.:cry: