Sure shot

Is it ok to use sure shot mythic even if i dont have deadly strike, cc and crit dmg?

Yes it does work like that but it’s not recommended since sureshot only happens if enemies are full HP and that only happens once. The only benefit I see for it is instant kill purposes to always guarantee a deadly strike and the enemy dying instantly with enough damage which could work for certain farm builds at certain floor levels.

Other than that, not quite the best recommended mythic. In general , I would add 45% Crit Chance ,225% crit DMG , maybe some deadly strike. Brutal Mythic with deadly strike is also pretty powerful too.

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What if the enemy regen its HP to full will sure shot work again?

If i add crit dmg will it boost the damage on sure shot?

Yes. Crit DMG will indeed work with sureshot . Sureshot can work again if enemy got to full HP again but that’s not gonna happen if you deal high damage ,crushing blow and rapid hits.

In PvP even , there’s hardly a use for it since players generally never have full HP. Although there is one use for it but it’s not to every build.

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Nah cuzeg you cant really use sureshot in pvp at all because of how blood magic, masochism and the such that naturally reduce hp below 100%
Brutal increasing deadly strike from x2 to x3 is much much more effective

If you have crushing blow and sureshot which of these two will take effect first?

Crushing blow, if that doesnt activate then sure shot will take place…
Crushing blow is weird, it can crit and deadly but will still do 25% of enemys current HP :joy:

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Brutal only increases deadly strike,but exposed/ruptured increases all once enemy get pierced/bleeding,they are very good in pvp.
Yeah,sure shot usually use once only,then how about brutal :joy: I usually have not get more than 1 deadly strike in a fight since I use flawless trophy.
For me,exposed>ruptured>sureshot>skilled=brutal>mirrored.


I wouldn’t know, i hate low chances so i rarely play pvp… even my main floor clearing build doesnt have any crit at all, just raw damage… still average 1Bill damage

And skilled is good, lance on a hireling with clearcast, epiphany and maybe attack speed is VERY funny to watch… quick too

I only use skilled in my 2B bleed damage 2v2 pvd (no spelling mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) combination.

Sureshot is op in pve,Try wizard with "20 aoe range + sureshot + discordance + battlemage + 60+% rcd + 50+% clearcast“,great cleaning machine for low floor.


I can agree it’s pretty OP . I tested with my discordance orb rogue and yeah it was very OP . If it was a farm build , it’s a nice choice to force instant kills. I tried it with Frozen which in theory would be pretty OP but there’s not always a time to find a group of full HP enemies and all get the frozen deadly strike so that’s why I scrapped it for Brutal + decent deadly strike chance at very high floors (obviously above 1000).

Yeah that suggestion is a good one. Sureshot used to hardly if ever be worth it until it had that 100% deadly strike and 100% crit chance on full HP.

My preferences: Exposed, Ruptured , Skilled, Brutal , Sureshot , Mirrored. That’s my order of preference in general but it depends.

As for PvP, well not everybody uses masochism and bloodmagic . I’ve seen bloodmagic opponent but masochism I very rarely if ever faced them in PvP eternal league division 1 @TeaCup . Generally it’s not worth the practicality of Sureshot as you can use Ruptured ,Exposed and Skilled instead. Brutal is an option for crit builds with deadly strike too. I completely know that.

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Sureshot isn’t good on arena now just how often you face alchemy-pseudo-bloodmagic builds. Bloodmagic and Masochism are far less common than alchemy ones.

If wasn’t that, truly LOHKO builds could exist.

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Sureshot will only be valuable in PVP when facing “frustrating builds” aka “immortals” they will likely generate 100% HP over and over again so you can trigger deadly strikes easily. Thank me later Lol.


That could work. Great idea.

That’s what I said earlier but didn’t want to reveal it. Now that it’s revealed, well why not. I actually did post about it , but then deleted it in forums.

Then again, no harm if it’s shared right? I definitely was gonna make a build based on this idea too after seeing this post before you posted. Also when I first did arena, that sureshot just so happened to be my first chest mythic. It helped but it wasn’t necessary when better options.

Against immortal, yeah I can see why.

Sureshot + crt dmg can kill immortal in 1 round

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Have you tried that?

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