Sureshot vs Brutal which one you pick?

Sureshot vs Brutal? Choose and give reason why.

It depends. Sureshot because it guaranteed a deadly strike at full HP . I can use that to my advantage with the Frozen Set because each frozen explosions will come in Deadly strike. In PvP, I guess it’s good because it bypasses Flawless victory trophy and a good head start with enough DMG to start off with.

Another reason for sureshot. Deadly Arts build with certain skills.

Although Brutal is also extremely good when you can deadly strike often and more powerful frozen explosions. Generally good for 3× deadly strike if you have to.

Sureshot for farming brutal for floor climbing beyond 1K

In PvP?

Neither they’re both pretty bad better to go with exposed or ruptured

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I’m working for my PvP build
and I call it FocusFire
Because I dedicated this to
WindRanger from Dota 2
Windranger got Rapidly firing skill
and if he got a crystalis from Dota 2 item
He can got a Critical Rapid Fire
Thank you sorry for wrong grammar

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@WINDRANGER what is your character? Rogue bow type? for pvp?

Always depends on build/playstyle.

Sureshot good for oneshot pve build.
Brutal good for frozen pve build.

Both good for frozen PvE build actually. Sureshot and lots of frozen on full HP enemies is extremely powerful as the deadly strike happens every time.

Brutal isn’t every time but with high enough deadly strike %, it happens enough and it gives more powerful frozen damage.

Yup both are nice. At least sureshot isn’t useless or hardly used anymore lmao.

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“Sureshot and lots of frozen on full HP enemies is extremely powerful”.You are right,I forget this.
I am not sure how other people use frozen,in my taunt frozen combo,enemies not at full hp.And 180% weaken 400% frosbiting is enough for me,no crit relate combo.

Yeah I see. PlayStyle is the main thing.

Well My Main is build is LOHKO PVP
and don’t take it serious guys
This is just my experimenting my new
META is Hybrid Sureshot Build for PvE
But btw guys thanks for replying my topic
I appreciated your replies
I repeat Don’t Take it Serious haha