Switching Items from One Class to Another

If you have items for one class that already has Mythic Affixes / Sets / Crystal Affixes already on them, will they transfer if I use the Crystal to change it from say a Warrior to a Rogue?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, none of the affixes already there will change or disappear, the Jasper will simply bring up your two other class choices and you’ll need to choose one…minus those class exclusives that Emman mentions below, forgot about those :3

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Yes it will transfer.

Some affix change but that is because of class specific skills or talent.

Rouge + 5 assassin = Warrior + 5 Berserker

Also some skills
Example +5 Guideshot Rouge = +5 cleave Warrior ( I don’t have a list though) >.>


Thanks ConanMajere / Emman. Throwing in the towel on the Warrior haha. Joining the Bandwagon.

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