Sword build

is there any build there with Defiant sword? Just curious coz i wan to try sword.

Actually, Sword is pretty good in Base Damage weapon but I don’t think Sword will be useful in PvE Campaign because of it’s own skill (Flurry & Throwsword) but maybe you can came up with your own idea build to use it or just search some builds here in forums.dungeon-quest.com :sweat_smile:

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Throwsword is a useful skill but it gets benefit of any weapon. The sword weapon has the low base damage though which is why you rarely see builds using the sword as a weapon. That doesn’t stop it being used though but it’s just that thought. Flurry requires to be very closeup and the only time I could see it work is 100% block and dodge build but even then, there are other preferences.

By all means though, you can go for a sword build if you want to but just realise the other weapon options.

Sword is good, but your Sword Affix is bad. Sorry

Toss buil? Bleed dmg build? With sword?

Not using the sword. Just getting some suggestion if sword is worth using for a long run

Im seeing sword build with toss thats it. Haha

I have a build here on this forum using Sword and Axe hope you find it :joy:

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How to get ED%? Can be rolled using ruby or find an item in codex with ED% on it naturaly? Coz i only saw nadroji robe have the ED% naturaly

Im also confused on how to craft items. If i shud spam ruby to get those affixes or craft item that has the affix naturaly. Like save the one u like affix and get the others. Maybe i need a guide on which red affix cant be attained easily bybusing ruby.

Legend Affixes Can’t be rolled by Ruby:

Element DMG %
Weapon DMG%
Push the Limit
FreeCast (forgot the proper name of it)
+2 Set Numbers (like on the Nadroji)

Crafting is easy. Just find Legends salvage it earn dust then save it till you have thousands of it then you can go to LegendX then click any item you want to Craft it depends on Dust Cost to Craft One.

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Aethereal Set (Wizard)
Cerebral Vortex Set (Wizard)
Elemental Set (Warrior)
Berserker (Warrior)

I just got all the Legend Affixes on this Sets :arrow_up:
And do some Lucky Ruby rolls to get Elemental Crit DMG, Glasscannons

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You mean clearcast.

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How abt the ED% on armor?

Whered u get the ED% on armor?

On certain gear since it doesn’t appear on ruby crystal. Gear such as Mutiny , Insolence, Aether Wrap, Aether Hat , Cognition Ring, Entropic Jewel , Frightening Choker , Nadrojis Robe , seven deadly sins gear , elements sword from floor 1k for warrior, apex of epiphany, epiphany ring and Frozen Shield. Also Frozen Fate axe which is a malestrom warrior axe.

The recommended legends to use as gear for your build with legend ED% are Aether Wrap and Aether hat as well as Cognition Ring or Frightening Choker/Entropic Jewel. Also Apex of Epiphany Hat and/or ring if you have to build an epiphany build. For weapons, it’s best to go with WD% and only one weapon usually.

The sweet spot of number of 100% ED is 3Γ— on gear . More than 3 imo is too much and there are some cases where you can go with less than 3 sometimes.

check out my build bro. Just need to get that ED% on my armor with momentum set and also change my ring i guess with dodge crytals affix on it

Oh thank you Cuzeg. Im always forgot something in DQ when it comes to names. :blush:


This is still working on 3.0 sir ? and can i change the Mh & OH to Axe & Horn ?