T n T Props

Omg i hates them. But i love it. Lol.

Wondering if the damage is scaled based on map level or is it always same?

Either way, just wanted to congratulate tnt props for killing me more times then anything else :slight_smile:

Make them explode before you go near them. XD but you can also increase block and dodge.

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The damage of tnt props increased the higher the floor level. Just like enemies. Same with skyfall.

I hate TNT but skyfall really makes me angry. Especially when a shine spawns 3 epic enemies as well. Grrrrr! Lol

Lol if you kill the carto then they stop skyfall until you die again, and tnt props used to be much a
Larger aoe and they didn’t have any animation so your just break a box hoping for a nice drop and suddenly your murdered for it, very fun :smiley:

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Im not sure how or why, but tnt props have been detonating themselves before i reach them. Its pretty weird. Only started happening after floor 201+ :confused:

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Thats the wrath on your necklace. I use it exclusively. Its sweet for farming with my lucky dog.


I dont see wrath listed on any of my gear, but i am using a few pieces of electrified. Maybe? I dunno. But it is nice.

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It’s electrified . When you reflect damage with Electrified, it has an AOE of 25 yards or so.

Wow I just learnt a new thing and a good farming use for it xD. I never thought I’d think this or see the day. Also for debuffing if possible.


i choose to be warrior so i can destroying​ all those tnt with my wrath :joy: