Tank warrior

Hey all,

I’m trying put together a beefy warrior build to run along with my wizard and my rogue for farming purposes.
What I had in mind was to utilize taunt to be able to group up the mobs for my hireling to kill them.

What I’m wondering is, if someone has experience with the above-mentioned process, if there’s some experiences you’ve had yourself as far as what is better/worse for the purpose.
Can’t really tell if its possible to group up the enemies other than by utilizing taunt, or a proc version of taunt (if that is possible)

What kinda affixes other than HP - perhaps set affixes - would you recommend for a beefy warrior - AND - what kinda items would you recommend for a warrior like that, supposed to be able to take a beating and group up enemies.

As allways - any input appreciated:)


Going to assume it’s going to be your main

Recommended sets:
2x Nadroji + 1 affix of nadroji bonus
Battle mage
Fauns gift

other affixes:

luck and gold find to their caps
item drops to it’s cap
Dodge+block these used to not really be important but since the changes to healing there very useful

1 side note about using taunt: you will want a powerful device as it can cause a good bit of lag

Hope that was what you where looking for :smile:

Thank you - have a One Plus 3.
Hoping it’s up to the task:)

Glad to be of service and yup the oneplus 3’s specs should be up to snuff it should still cause a degree of lag but taunt does on everything :smile:

Out of interest. Plagued gives me 25% hp and armor - nice!
But the 2nd part about regen on poisoned enemies. Will that trigger on hireling Dmg also, or only my own?

Yup it should also buff your hirelings damage! :smile:


I use that too dude… Its a pretty great tactic… All i do is wait ,pick up loot and revive my hireling…

You mentioned ‘plagued’ and hp. I think I just hit the jackpot. I had this - just for a starter:

This just dropped:

You definitely did just hit the jackpot! :smile:

Applying battle mage affix, will that remove my ability to use taunt in this build?, replacing it with whirlwind nomatter what?

Charge & whirlwind are mainhand skills. Fear & Taunt are offhand. Even if it were you could add a taunt Proc if you like.

Ah - I got it all wrong then. Thnx for clearing it up for me:)

Glad to help :smile: