Tanky rogue?

Hi. I need help with my build beacuse i starring to dying on hihgest floors. Actually im on floor 181 and im farming and im going to create hunter ring. Maybe i have rly good dmg but this is nothing when u are dying. Halp here my build.

Try going with nadroji amulet (if you willing to leave the satyr set bonus and ring, so you will get your set bonuses to 5. Then you can try to add dodge affixes and pathfinder set if you still have problems to survive. Pathfinder will reduce damage taken and increase damage dealt depending on how much dodge you have. Nadroji would also make satyr spirit set give you more armor, and buccaner would give more damage to scattershot.
Also you can go with deadly strikes and deadly arts set. This will reduce damage taken by deadly strikes % and will have a chance to reduce the cooldown of scattershot on deadly strike. Also deadly strikes alone would provide more dps.

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Will it work at 750 m3 floor? Or i should stay on 191floor and farm shrines and legend enemys?

I would suggest getting the legendary affix plagued too start buffing your survivability as well as some more AOE skills so that your HP and MP on hit can really shine and keep you alive but the biggest thing that will increase your survivability will be when you get +2 all sets on gear such as through the nadroji ring/amulet or from the elixer mythstone :smile:

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Ok. How can i got monumentum on chest? I hear only warrior can hace it but i saw only 2 items for warrior with it and those items wasnt chest. Btw im going for flash farmer build

Momentum can be applied too warrior gear with the use of the crystal amythest :smile:

Roger. And what to do with this item? Just convert?

Early on I would definitely use it personally :smile: