Tanky Warrior PvP (What I got so far)

I’m trying to make a PvP Build with my Warrior. I’m already at Ethernal, but very low, 1 or 2 mistakes and I would be back to Mythical. Lots of people suggesting to do it Tanker, so I’m trying. So far I crafted those four equips:

My intention to Weapon is to drop a Lance with Crystal Block and add CosmicOrb Mythic and Terrashaper Set Affix, fill it with a flat +HP epic and a flat +ED epic (i’ll be using toss/scalp to attack, already got WD in Hatchet and in the remaining slot I’ll use Stun Immune or ShieldWall Proc (If I use Stun immune here, i’ll do ShieldWall Proc in Ring, vice-versa).
In the Ring I’ll be using Vampiric Touch set affix, crystal Luck, flat HP and ED epics, +2 all sets and the Stun Immune/ShieldWall…
And about pet, I have one with Permafrost that I’ll test if MP Absorb + BloodMagic would recover HP.
P.s.: I was trying to put Crystal Lucky on Armor, but twice it came 75% HP…

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get atleast 3-4x 225% luck if ur gonna use faunsgift and add all resist affix to make u even tankier since cerebral and fauns inc ur all resist too. and try to get a pet w/ great affix for pvp. dont forget vamparic touch affix.

How I said, I’ll put + 225% luck in the Armor and Ring… And Vampiric on Ring. :slight_smile:

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Based in my experience as a warrior, i tried different builds for it. I got eternal druidic set that has 10k hp regen for tanking players. But when i got to eternal it didnt help that much. Bcoz the damage of other players is very high that 10k hp regen is useless.

So what i did is increased my damage to 350m plus and had my hp reduced to 1hp. I ended up to division 2 around 20% battle arena standing i think? Just a few more then ill be number 1 haha. Joke

@dos Yeah, i’m not finding it too effective… I have something like 900k HP PvE… But when I go PvP, it’s just something like 40k~50k at most. :confused:

At first, when i saw the builds of other players that have 1hp, i was like " what the " how could that possibly survive on pve and pvp?! Having 1hp is suicide bcoz you can/will be one hit by a mob or player. But when i tried it out, it actually is effective! I mean spamming scalp while running and killin the mobs is awesome! Having 1hp but high damage is enough to kill any mobs. Scalp has a knockback as well toss so i actually dont need a huge hp bcoz the mobs and boss just die 1st without touching me. And my mh is lance so if ever im about to die, i just click on my panic button (charge) to get away from danger. You can use battle mage set affix too or weapon bcoz it also has a charge with it. Thats my build, and im not sure if it’ll work on everyone or anyone. But for me, it suits me just fine, whether its pve or pvp.

I suggest you use phalanx talent is better for tank. And change all nature to Luck will boost your hp.

Use prayer talent on amulet, so you can heal when you use OH skills

@dos I’m not looking for PvE Build… Look at the tittle. But even if I consider your comment to PvP, I know I can do PvP with 1 HP, it’s just kill the guy first (if he have Sanctuary, just kill him first twice)… But this i already have. What I want now is a tanky build.
@SilentKiller Thanks… I’ll be changing talents after all of it is done…

I forgot… You can add battle mage set (increase total armor and total hp 100%)

@SilentKiller Can’t see the light at the end… No matter what I do, wouldn’t be 300K HP like ppl have… :confused:

So, shouldn’t be using Block, or any other affix beside luck? Kinda boring… :confused:
I thought that was other way to do it (not for 800k, how i said, 300k or so)…

I have 300k hp with what I said

Template, man. :wink:

@LuiiS if u find tanky affixes boring then go dmg burst build u dont have to follow everyones guide u can make ur own just keep experimenting.(though u can be very tanky and deal decent dmg as a warrior w decent pvp build) :smile:

@Dos they have 1 hp in pve since high hp or dmg reduc kn highfloor is useless u will be 1-3 hit anyway on pack maps/tnt proc/skyfall. so lot players add 30%dodgex2(1x is enough if ur a rogue) inc ur survival and also inc ur dmg w/ pathfinder affix. also some players add 45%block along w/ 60% dodge and sanctuary amulet just to inc survival rate. (though if ur a rogue u wont have problem having 1 hp since u can achieve permastealth w/ lvl40 stealth 55%cd)
stealth = dodge all incoming atks

Maybe I’ll do a Rogue for PvP and Farm with Wizz+Warrior how i’m doing anyway…

@LuiiS yeah i know the title thats why i said druidic set in my suggestion. I tried using a set that gave me 740k plus hp in arena. But i converted some of those items. This are the remaining items that i have and it gives me 430k plus hp. If you want tanky build, you can use set affixes that has hp booster anf ofc a +2 set x 2 is a must to boost it even more. And change the talent of your amu to prayer, so that if you use toss or scalp, youll regen 40% base hp. Immunities like blind, stun,frozen etc will help in your tanky build too.

@dos 400k hp in pve would be too low when u enter arena. that would be around 30-40k more or less. reaching 20m+ or even higher hp is possible in pve

First… You are showing PvE stats… So your 430k HP (I can reach double of it with what i got) would be something like 35K in Arena. 10% from what i was looking for. Second: No reason to use HP Regen cause Vampiric Touch make your regen go to 0. Third: I already said that I would be changing talents at the end. Fourth: I already have immunity and said that would be adding another in the ring…