Target bug

Sometimes i cant targets some legendarys and epics enemys, its really anoying :s

It’s a known bug they trying to fix

Yeah, its so annoying especially if you’re main is a fortune bringer with weak attacks, your hireling dps will just ignore the boss :confounded:

What I do is just have my dps hireling get killed and drag the boss to monster mobs and revive hireling to at least make some splash damage on the boss. Problem is when you already killed all the mobs, I just quit and open new map. :confounded:

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. Could you upload screenshots of your whole equipment please? So, I could try to reproduce it with the same condition @sidaw

Sure image:27 (263.0 KB) :slight_smile:

The upload doesn’t work. Could you try it again please?

Here and sorry xD

No problem :slight_smile:
Thank you!