Tdaniel here! Working through the recent Apple patch fallout AFAP!


Hi all (especially you Apple users). I am the guy who broke the apple build (/shame) sorry about that, it was a really dumb mistake on my end but Apple was frekin’ AWESOME to help us get a new patch out quickly.

I am working through all the emails, As Fast As Possible, that are in my queue right now and it its taking me on average about 10 minutes per email to get them fixed. I have about 98 emails to go and on top of that I am on the road using a slow internet connection.

Long story short, we are getting these problems addressed as quickly as possible but here are some tips that can help me fix any accounts that may have issues after the patch.

  1. PLEASE email It goes directly to my cell phone, and it alerts me a lot faster than I would trying to track down all of the different posts here.

  2. PLEASE include your DQ Account email address. Some players don’t use their DQ Account email address to send me emails, having your DQ Account email will make it faster for me to try to help.

  3. PLEASE make sure you have the new Apple patch installed on your device as well.

Again, I cannot apologize enough for this problem, but once this is all solved we will try to get together a post that will give some background to why we have been difficult to get in touch with over the past month or so.

Thanks for playing and I will try to get you all support as quickly as I can.


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