TDaniel Hi

Good day @tdaniel i just want to ask how’s my account doing? Thanks

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I have sent you over a dozen PM’s about your account. I don’t know of anything more I can try on my end.

So we have to wait for the 17k hours to lapse for me to play again? Pls answer on this @tdaniel.

I told you in several direct messages what the cause was (in my best assessment).

So i really have to wait for the 17k hours to lapse just to play again ? I saw i post here in forum same case as mine but the time is different mine 17k hour the one who post is 81k hour. I also make a comment on his post and he reply me “his back in the game”. So why not me?

Actually, I answered tdaniel PMs, LOL.

So it was you @luisfsk who posted the 81k hours, its odd that i never saw your post after i saw your message that your back in the game.

@luisfsk. I always answered @tdaniel PM to…

OH yeah. Hey, bro, prepare to losing all your money, dust and arena progress you had before downloading :parrot:

@luisfsk hahaha thats the best comment/advice ive read here in forum.

Closing thread.