Teleporting ghosts

I was blasting my way through a pack size challenge map, and had the usual few ghosts popping up, when I witnessed a new kind of ghost. it was a teleporting ghost. I think one of the map affixes was +1 affixes, so I wonder if a teleporting monster became a teleporting ghost. thankfully, it didn’t attack me, just followed me around. I was able to teleport away faster than it could keep up, so it didn’t mess up my ability to finish the map. I don’t know if this was part of the reason it was teleporting, but it looked like it had died from a shock attack.

It was a ghost with teleport affix. So creepy

lol, really creepy

I know, it was on the left side of my character, then -pop- it was on the right side. I was like ‘not good’. I could tell it was a ghost, then it teleported, and I got ready for battle, because teleporting means a tough battle. but it just stood there.

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Good thing it doesn’t attack you.

actually, i distinctly recall dying to a zombie some time back ago …

it wasn’t fun the first time I died from a zombie. I think PaNgaHazZz was referring to the teleporting ghost not attacking me. that would have been bad. it is hard enough fighting a teleporting monster, but a teleporting ghost attacking, and you can’t kill it, is worse.