That build that can kill the 7 seconds immortal thingy


those new dq staffs attitude now is very far from previous batches :smiley: really really far :smiley: i miss @ocenyx @Emman those testers are very kind :slight_smile:


I will reiterate again, the posts in this thread that were removed were done so because they didn’t adhere to our code of conduct.

It has nothing to do with game mechanics, patch updates, etc etc. It was done to maintain a level of respect that each player should be afforded when they use our forum.

If you cannot be respectful to other members of our community then we will, in a respectful manner, invite you to not be a member of our community.



Thank you for responding, that means someone else deleted it.

I took that stance because I strongly felt that the players and the community had to hear the other side of the story and know the other side of the coin and dont believe everything just because a DQtester said so. Thus, I posted my argument and replied in a neutral manner. But when someone starts saying “that’s just not smart” “numbers is not your strength” that starts to stir the conversation.

So, please go ahead and remove me as a tester, and remove any other privileges and put my account back as a normal forum user.

I dont want to be if I cant take a stand here in the forum and cant express and represent other players sentiment. But I totally get why you’re defending Midlumer because he’s gonna be a good tester and can help you guys a ton.


@f00kee stands for us normal player here in forum I respect him **this post was edited -td


Thanks for being open, I appreciate that.

You can express your opinion in any manner you choose, we would like that opinion to be expressed in a respectful way. I sent you a DM explaining why I felt those posts didn’t reflect the type of community we are trying to build on our forum, that was my stance.

What you are discussing can and should be discussed and we get a tremendous amount of positive gameplay tweaks/fixes/features from these kinds of topics.

The intent was coming from a place of gameplay mechanic discovery and discussion, the execution was rude and stifled any chance of having a constructive group conversation.


Point made, point taken.

Now please remove me as a tester and put my account back to normal user as requested.
I will continue to support DQ as you guys made an amazing game and help the players. Im here for the game and for the players. But I refuse to work with a guy and stay neutral when someone starts saying something condescending. So if that’s the community that you’re trying to build so be it.


Sure thing! I don’t have access to my admin terminal from where I am now, I will have to do this when I get back to the office.


@f00kee your really so brave man, thanks for standing for us even if it takes you to surrender your position im really touch :frowning:


It doesn’t really have to be this way if people just lower their pride…



eats popcorn . Yup ,describes me and others in this thread.


:joy: @CuzegSpiked


I can do this too. I say more: With even less time, after 10 rounds, LOL.


5 seconds :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: