That build that can kill the 7 seconds immortal thingy


Just to clear my side,
I didnt create that build just to beat those acclaimed immortal (7sec immortal lol), i made that build 1st before they made their acclaimed immortal in 7 sec lol


thats my build way back version 2.0 and tweaked to use those new affix and a help of my friend @f00kee


@Midlumer just so you know LOL!


I feel like I could go on Eternal div1 if I can beat Mandelbrots immortal build can u help me sir gimme a hint of your build :sob::ok_hand:


yeah that build is awesome i made some experiment from that video but my problem is my hp is only 50k :sweat_smile: and i made some tweaks using OH special timewarp and the result is good also :heart_eyes: the only problem of my build is only 50k hp


yeah i notice that also, i faced once immortal build when i tweaks some with that build concentrating in full offense and made some adjustment without copying the original form and credits to the video it gives me lots of idea and now im experimenting alots i have 7 prototype build that experimenting and adjusting. i hope i find the right combination but credits to that video again because i killed the i cannot killed before :heart_eyes:


Anyone else who cares to pat himself on the back :slight_smile:?

This is your stage.


im using 2 just like i said im not copying the original form :heart_eyes:. This is DQ is all about testing, experimenting and form a new form thats why the game is so addicting when it comes with pvp building equipment set.

and i notice also the AI is very good in driving earthquake and enigma build (saktong sakto kasi 100% tatamaan ka) but when im using the build i cant timing the exact location where it can lands the blow


What im using right now is The Prodigy of @f00kee and EX rogue Bloodymary and tweaked it in at the point that i truly understand how to compute DPS calculation in pvp… yes indeed immortals has been a far yet complex build but this build has 1 problem it will last only 7secs w/o draws with our current builds nothing to prove the point is no one has ever created a perfect build it always has its counterparts… and thats the good thing with players they learned to adjust …


plagued bonus is pretty good :slight_smile:


tweak it more mine is 100k hp + and 800 power


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doest saying that i just make my build just to counter their acclaimed immortal and no chance to win unto other builds respectful ?


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hmm good job good job for your build


@tdaniel I wonder why my post about using only 1 set of Plagued in arena to activate the bonus keeps getting deleted? Are we not allowed to share with players that the requrement for bonuses are halved in the arena? is that suppose to be kept secret or not working as intended?


I noticed it too hmmm


XD hope that’s not the case…


I’ve posted that in several occasion and on different threads and got deleted and only devs and DQmods would’ve done that :grin:


If I removed your post it was because I felt your tone was rude and overly aggressive towards the thread participants.
I very rarely (if ever…out side of manipulation/hack posts) remove any game mechanic posts because I think they add a sense of discovery through community involvement.

To be totally honest I was surprised you took the tone and stance you did with members of our forum. It was uncharacteristic and not the type of attitude anyone here at SB would want a member of our testing team showing toward community members.

We will deal with that through slack direct messages…out of respect for you and our community I don’t feel that is a conversation to be had in public threads.