That moment when

That moment when you use all your crystals to make a Dank lvling build… Then notice you have no jaspers to move it to the right class… /facepalm… What are ur moments like

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R I P I hope you end up dropping for you quickly! :smile:

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Thx Griffin… Ur build is awesome though I didn’t have the insolence skull… Have the manashield. It makes it little harder

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Yeah you should take a little more damage with the manashield since the skulls provide a degree of damage reduction but reactors crazy AOE should ideally still keep you nice and healthy! :smile: and also thank you :green_heart: I love it when people find the build useful

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What floor did u find best for so farming?

for levelling or for crystals?
for crystals assuming you have a build with maxed luck I would say floor 500 very easy if you do not have build with maxed luck floor 500 on the highest difficulty you can manage
for levelling I ran floor 200 maps I would buy whole inventories of them and then turn them into pack size maps and blow through them as quickly as possible (but definitely not floor 201 and up there is a bug that lowers mod density above 200 that hasn’t been tracked down yet)

Got the crystals… And i do have to say running hachet on the warrior. With twister and scalp I can train the whole map and watch them fall… So fun

Agreed poison is exceptionally fun with large degrees of AOE

If only I could find a way to not lag out… I’m on LG Stylo 2

Yes unfortunately Plagued is the largest source of lag in the game but thankfully the boost in clear time is worth it! :smile:

Solo true… Thx a lot Griffin you’ve been a lot of help… And nice to actually catch someone online

Super glad to help out :smile:

just got this… Hmm while grinding F200

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Awesome! my new favourite eternal right there :smile: