The 4 achievements

So I accepted the 4 quests in game and got into a car wreck and could only complete two of them. Now every time I log in it reminds me about them even though I can’t finish two of them…
Is there anyway to reset them on my own and of not could you please reset them for those of us that for some reason or another couldn’t?
I would would love to get those crossed out.

What quests ?

When you log in it in switches to a screen with 4 different quests… to kill so many elites another is to kill so many epics… Cant rememeber the other two off the top of my head. I completed two of the four and failed the time constrant of the other two but every time I log in it reverts to that page and forces me to back out of it to play.

I’ve never gotten a screen like that. When I start up the app it “updates assets” every time then goes into the game.

try to connect at internet then open the game

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@Eater I use cell data and it says updating assets. I start the game with out data turned on it updates assets. I use wifi and it updates assets. It take about 3-5 min every time I open the game to go thru updates before I’m actualy able to play.

What are the rewards of these quest? Is this different from the quest in the Codex???

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Install Google Play Games app and then connect with it through the game main menu (icon in the bottom middle of the screen). Now you will have quests.

So it’s only on android phones?

what device you are using ios?

What I talked about is for android, got iOS i don’t know if there are quests and where to find them

Ah ok