The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]

Amber oops*. I would definitely advise you to use elemental damage+ or % up to 5000 or 20%. Stat points is subjective but for me 180 power, 40 hp and rest mana. Also as well as meteor to 40 hero points, have dexterity or fortune to 20 and comet or shatter to 20. If you happen to use a sword/wand/gauntlet as well as comet, this set will be flexible with them as long as they have meteor skill from amber crystal.

umm hello. i completed the aftermath build but i still die from a few hits and i’m currently on floor 490 m3 and i can’t even get to the cartographer without dying several times. any suggestions would be much appreciated :smile: (edit: sorry, i forgot to tell this is my build)

How on earth did you change the dmg to weapon dmg on your eternal skyfall. Thats mad! I have nearly maxed out my build but i need plagued for more hp/ar, 2+ all sets for the plagued and aftermath flexbility and remove crystal crushing blow for crystal deadly strike which is very hard unless i quartz it which I will not do. Show me your entire eternal build! Im not a fan of eternals. All i sa was your eternal skyfall.

Have a look at my almost maxed build. You dont need hero points to 40. I removed 2 of 5+ meteor and replaced it with epic affix crit dmg %. Also stealth proc and stuff are what makes this build good as well as energy mythic. I have aftermath to 3 because it doesnt matter in pvp and 3 is alright in campaign. Im at floot 220 m3. To solve your problem of dieing a lot, just use more skill and add more hp as well as be careful. In multiplayer, I got to 2nd place at mythic league with this build and the build is not even close to finished yet. I still need 2+ all sets and plagued. I also may need something else im missing and somehow remove crushing blow for crystal deadly strike. Crushing blow killed the builds potential a lot and its useless in pvp. My build is mainly geared towards pvp now and still very good in campaign but more multiplayer. Also stealth proc is how I got really high in mythic league. Without stealth proc, I would have never reached that far in mythic league. All procs mythstone is the magic and whats good about this build is mp leech isnt really needed because of energy mythic talent although it helps. I have tons of editing to make this my complete dream build. In a way, no build is ever completed because theres always something new. Consider using this variant of the build. I underestimated cataclysm but it severely made my build stronger. The crystal affixes seem to ruin my build even though I like crystal gear.

i got it that way from the start…i didn’t tweak the weapon dmg…maybe just luck. and here’s my build

and just to give me a bit of survival, i just crafted a sanctuary amulet yesterday…actually last night :smile:

Oh your eternal skyfall is the old skyfall staff. The current one doesn’t have weapon dmg as default affix. Also it has only elemental dmg and elemental dmg % along with meteor 5+.

@CuzegSpiked you use the aftermath build for PvE or PvP? As I’m tempted to use the set just trying to find a way to buff it more, I’m been looking for a fun wizard build are you pics up to date?

You can use it for both. My power in pvp is 336 now and still pushing to eternal league. Im so close to finishing but the elixir mythstone is taking forever. I accidentally deleted the elixir mythstone when i forgot to remove legends and 3 were gone from 3 of the developers crystals and mythstones chest. The 4th one I had for a while then I for some reason quartzed an item with it and forgot to use garnet to take it out first which left me crying :cold_sweat:. This set really shines in pvp and thats why im at mytgic league, I think its limit is eternal league start because I made it as a low level. From the time I created this guide, I geared it towards pve until battle arena came out and ever since then, im tweaking it to the maximum for PvP.

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@CuzegSpiked would a Ragnarok staff be any good to use instead of sky fall since it has 100% WD legend?

This is my build update. 5000+ elemental wd far better than 20% elemental dmg. I did change energy hat because i didnt like the 1000+ mp on hit and planning to have 2 2+ all sets. One of them onto removing mythical on energy hat and other on catacylsm when I remove 5+ meteor. Anything im missing? Im also going for poison elemental critcs along with plagued to 5+, more hp, more ar and more poison dot dmg. Im using cronos green garden as a insipration to finish the build in the poison damaging style and definitely also gonna create green garden right after this build is finished.

Edit: Remove deadly strike mythstone for 1% mp leech on this image I posted on the energy hat. Definitely worth it because you can complete maps above 200+ quicker and stun more enemies or kill them faster as well as increase your survival rate to survive more often on skyfall maps or other map types and floors in general. Also I might plan to add druidic to the build after elixir mythstone is added for more poison dot with more hp and AR%.

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Do you have one? Whats its base damage at level 100 or whats its base dmg at 25% quality?

Let me get a snap of it really quick and also the multi attack that work for dropping more meteor?

@CuzegSpiked thoughts? Also the +2 attack you have that work for meteor?

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Yes multi attack drops more meteor like the hero points give. I ended up deleting ragnarok for whatever reason in my newby days :sad

Extra attack on staff just increases the damage of comet bolts and staff damage. Have that plus mirror images :smiley: . Also multi attack increases meteors but thr only way to do it is by getting legend affix multi attack or have 10+ hero points for meteor. I don’t know if the legend affix multi attack increases mrteor though because I havent tested it. Also did you delete all the other affixes on that ragnarok staff. In my codex ragnarok is a sword though so how do you get ragnarok staff. Jasper another class ragnarok? @breaknex

Yes I got it as a Chakram and I Jaspered and took the junk affix off

Thanks 4 the answer. This will definitely help in me making green garden at some point.

oh i see, but will this build do me any good in pve? i was planning on keeping the eternals and just buff the amulet and hat since they wont be part of the aftermath… i’m also currently farming for an eternal frostfire regalia

Yes it will be really good in pve because that was its sole purpose until battle arena came out. It stil is really good for pve. My crystal aftermath build is finished becz all my aftermath pieces wwre gathered but Im developing it to the next level by having stealth proc for it to work in pvp effectively, energy hat for a new resource mythic and a plagued or 5k hp pet, I already collected 6/15 legend pets. I farmed aftermath set by doing legend map every 5 floors until 200 from floor 40-200. I am only discovering more hidden potential. You should also build cronos super build green garden if you can because its so powerful! Eternal aftermath is trash to me because you cant edit it to thr way you want it and also youcan handcraft your own aftermath set fron other legends. This is just a guide to encourage creative aftermath builds though so keep it up :slight_smile: . You may already know this but the basics of the aftermath build is having aftermath at 4+ in any shape or form and having at least a meteor proc or 2. This can work with swords, or wands as well if you plan to farm with crystalline or eternalized with meteor fron amber. Also I only discovered today that 20 intelliegence and 20 strength is always worth it. I wish I had done that ages ago. I kept dying because of hardly any armour and regen. Now that I have 20 strength and intelligence, I’m dying less and doing better in pvp as well as pve.

thanks for the advice. i wanted to try the green garden build but i also wanted to get a mainly aftermath build. what i mean is instead of focusing on the poison clouds, i wanna give more damage or procs at least to meteor coz it has great dmg(although not as much as green garden haha) i’m having trouble farming higher tier crystals even when i go lvl200 mythic3 and i dont want to get challenge maps coz killing ignis 20 times gives me a legend drop :slight_smile: