The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]


Dude, farm floor 181 repeatedly for gold and crystals. Its easy because of converting legends. Legends are filling up my inventory. Also add elemental dmg 5k dmg on all of your gear for dmg and hero points for meteor at least 20. 2+ all sets help as well especially with plagued and druidic. Intellgience and Strength to 20 is a must have.

Also definitley get a resource mythic such as energy or blood magic. I got blood magic because i was unlucky with amethyst but it works for now and I’ll get another amethyst to try and get druidic.
The reason I want druidic is because it will add more regen to poison dot with intelligence and adds to plagued dot for more dmg and regen. This will help with the 2+ all sets mythstone.

Increases HP and MP Regenby 10% per rank. Adds 75% of your Total Regen (HP and MP) to Poison’s DoT DMG, per rank which is real good.


So it’s better to farm floor 181 than 200 fpr crystals? Is there a better drop there?


Its better for farming common crystals. Rarer crystals you can get from converting legends so definitely farm at 181. If you do get gole find from 5 min boost, its even more gold and it feels like a legend map. If you happen to get a legend map though, don’t use it until you get 5 kmin gold find boost. Ther 5 min gold find boost is huge on legend maps and could nearly double the amount you normally get.


Heres a better idea, get fortune to 20 along with intelligence and strength to 20. Also get at least 100% item drops using 3 mythstones, 1 on weapon, 2 on amulet and ring. Crystalline can make those drops rarer and thats good if you want rarer crystals. What I’ve noticed though is my gold find has increased a lot due to fortune 20, item drops 150%+ and going through higher floors and sometimes doing floor 181. Gold find 5 min boosts help exponentially as well as doing legend maps with the buffs and sometimes gold find boosts.


Here’s my farming version of the build trying to get build complete.

This build is flexibile with eternalized, crystalline, blood magic mythic hat and also the item drops on stone nadroji, I plan to replace it with storm proc for my main build but the item drops could be placed elsewhere. I’m having great success, farming loads of gold, mythstones and rarer crystals. It goes to show that its worth it. My playstyle is aftermath so ofc I would use aftermath for my farming build but you could do something different. The aim of this build is also to get as many eternals or crystal legends to convert or keep. They can even be rare legends.


Thanks! Im also planning on another aftermath build with more dmg and survivability. The only things missing are the stones and crystals


Thats nice to hear. Show me ur new build when your done. Im working on finishing my aftermath build. Its for pvp. My pvp build is a proc build while my pve build is go na be blood magoc blight build. I plqn tp add coat and torrent proc on my main build now that ive seen their power as well as storm proc. It may do huge dmg as well as high survivability in pvp.


it’s gonna take some time, maybe a few weeks or even months to finish it. i plan on using a skyfall staff because of the meteor proc but i realized that a cataclysm can do the job. i plan on using poison again coz i’ve been experimenting on different elements and my fiirst fave was poison coz when i first got my eternal items they were pretty awesome with the poison clouds


Yea I have great experience with poison clouds like cronos has because its really good with blight, fortune at 20, procs, item drops mythstone, intelligence and strength along with meteor at 20. I get far more gold than I used to. I used to get 5 million gold a day but now I get double that. floor 181 used to give me 200k gold but with blight, i got double the amount of gold. Also with gold find 5 min boost, i get double the 500k gold that was already doubled from 250k gold so floor 181 and pack size maps feel like legemdary maps. Legendary maps then feel double the amount of 1 million or nearly double. As you can gell, its a very good gold farming set. Its still pretty good in regular maps or dangerous tnt props/skyfall maps/regen nerf/leech nerf maps.


well sometimes i get problems on nerf maps hehe and i’m a bit of a glasscannon so i’m seeking ways on how to become a tanky destroyer


Looks like you will have to figure out yourself. The best advice I can give is don’t always do nerf maps and don’t ever pay for respawn cost once you bought a .ap hoping it doesn’t have leech nerf or tnt props. Also use blood magic along with lots of hp+ plagued and maybe even cosmic power if you have 2+ all sets or more. My farming build is very tanky and I only just crafted a sanctuary last night. Just be creative about it and you will be fine in dq.


ok. thanks for the advice!


My aftermath build update and I’m making bank with crystals. I’m planning to add mythics like vanish, sureshot and bombard as well but I remove crushing blow using quartz. I will easily be able to get them back after getting mythics. Heres one question? Is rockblast better than bombard? My plan is to have a sneaky aftermath proc build which is both good in pvp and pve. In my vision, it will definitley work. Also does quartz remove set affixes? From my experience it removed everything but set affixes. Also I’m planning to replace item drops on sanctuary with 2+ all sets as well as replace the item drops on nadroji ring with storm or torrent. I might add coat proc as well even though sureshot kinda does a similar job. The 5k hp and plagued is also good for this build. I may add druidic set affix at some point if it works and maybe equality. My ultimate build is work in progress.

One more question though. Does vanish effect activate on its own or do you have to activate stealth on OH. I assume it activates randomly like bombard.


I’m actually planning to change my aftermath build’s items but im still gonna ask the devs about some things


Post ur items to know ur option…for other wizZard player…I’m a warrior…(yeah)


Hello! Im new to this game and this wiz build really got my attention. May i ask, where can i find Catastrophe Signet please? Floor and difficulty level if you dont mind. Many thanks!


Try to farm on Floor 40+ at least. Difficulty doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:


Thanks man!


Ok that’s good. Once you get a 2+ all sets affix on a nadroji item or a mythstone called elixir, you can eventually use catacylsm and it will still be good. All procs mythstone is really good too but all my suggestion can be up to you when you get to a certain point. All your best :slight_smile:


i dont know man… i have some ideas in mind but all i get even with crystals and mythstones is a max 357 something million dmg. my “improved aftermath” seems rather weak compared to other builds…should i still go with it?