The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]


@zeeros start making a farm build first, as that can be improved later with the loot you get from farming. points in Fortune Skill and Gold Find/Luck affixes will go a long ways in getting your loot coming in like crazy. later, start thinking of an improved farm build with some of those farm Sets for Myth Stones, Crystals, or Eternal items, depending on what you want. then with all the loot, you can start building your dream PVE & PVP builds. if you plan on getting Perks to help with farming, then make a build that maxes out your experience gains, with any space left over for farming and monster bashing. when you get all the Perks you want, then you can start farming and go from there.


Yeah start out pumping fortune ,dexterity with hero points. Then intelligence and strength. Get extra fortune on items till level 40. Max main offensive to 40 on items. Luck and gold find are good. Explosive, weapon damage bonuses are good. Stat points all into power. For farming, block and dodge are good