The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE]


I see :smiley: long time i was wondering what was ur starting items for aftermath, glad i found this post


I know this is a late reply, but I’ve been interested in this build for awhile now and the crippling part about it I’ve obtained the staff (I forget the name) and the event horizon and one other item but I salvaged all the items :frowning: therefore I have to grind all over agian maybe this build will guide me past my “I can’t survive” post.


Hej @Arcynical,

you know, when you go into legendex you could craft them easily, when you have salvaged them before :)?


I figured that, in the back of my mind. just checked it costs about 10 for skyfall and 10 more for event horizon so I’m good thank you for reminding me!


This build ideal up to floor 500 :slight_smile: . Ascendant and aftermath bonus robe with other things.

Then 400% Explosive hat.

Crushing blow and deadly strike. Add 30% weaken epic affix whenever you can as well as epic 5000 WD and 100% WD on Skyfall.

Haunting Amulet called Frightening Choker on it.

Also 4000% MH meteor ftw thanks to bonus and 40 hero point.

Magnify Talent, Focus (sorcery if fire or poison dot), Amplify (wizardry for easy elemental crit otherwise amplify with Ascendant ftw) and Empower (or Fester for dot like fire or poison).

Crushing flames if you can when you reach that floor or craft it using codex and full fire.

If you reached floor 400 or something, Aether Cover hat for 100% ED . Gauntlet with 200% WD from masochism axe from warrior jaspered to wizard .

Haunting good because it takes advantage of fear and you can get more Mh% damage with meteor. 4000%×2= 8000% if my interpretation of haunting is correct.

For other class, do whatever you think is best by Jaspered legends. No hero points though but to make up for that, Aftermath bonus and Haunting. Also possibly Elixir on weapon if you’re that lucky and rich.
Sometimes you could try 2+ all sets on each weapon but it’s great regardless.


The legendary one is better than this mythic as you can edit the other stuffs.


Dude is this build on latest? I think as of the update, Aftermath bonus only needs 2 Aftermath Set Affixes equipped. Thanks dude.


No but this guide was just meant to help newbies like myself back then to progress easier.

Yes aftermath bonus is good . Many things you want to do will work as this is just a guide. Crushing blow ftw as always and crushing flames will definitely help.

Put weaken , ascendant/prismatic , crushing blow , crushing flames , aftermath + bonus , hero points 20-40 , any mythic you see fit (energy , discordance) , etc.

So many possibilities with just a basic setup. Even at high floor , aftermath can do really good.

In fact, I got a nice farming build with aftermath.


@CuzegSpiked, do you have an updated detailed build on this? You mentioned you have a nice farming build with aftermath. Could you share the details and maybe show some pics? Do you incorporate crushing flames/crushing blow?




He is there any way you can help me figure out build with my wizard plz.


Guys need help with my aftermath build…pvp…


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Should I just get these items you listed above and farm the crystals needed? i will buy another char slot and start a crystal farmer simultaniously. or should i focus on PVE farming first, and after, compile a good pvp build?