The best thing about dungeon quest

  1. crafting
  2. crafting
  3. looking for crafting materials
  4. approaching mythic 3 1000 and watching your crafting results melt the face of monsters and then pvp wins

lol. nice

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I am so unlucky since 3weeks i havent got a single nodroji drop lol crafting wins

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Took me five months to drop an eternal fabled staff


haha, I remember reading about how awesome Nadroji items are, and the first time I got one, I felt like I caught the Golden Snitch (Harry Potter) for the first time. now I find them so often, I kind of feel let down. now I just need a few non Wizard items of the lower levels, and most of the items from floors 800-100. but I still get excited when I get Ultra Rare Crystals and Myth Stones, they drop so rarely.

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