The Beta Dungeon Quest?

I found those in my Dungeon Quest folders are they actually the Beta?

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not sure, so here goes…

Waka Waka Woo Woo Woo!!! Summoning the Spirit of @tdaniel for input. :man_mage: :crystal_ball: :boom: :ghost:

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@Golem Lol…:sweat_smile:

I was also curious…what is that? Why is the UI transparent?

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don’t know, it might have something to do with the Beta or it’s that way so it can’t be used and cause problems with current DQ Patches. and that’s also why I’m trying to summon a Dev, but he could be busy, so it might be awhile.


If I had to guess its either running on an emulator (PC) or a device that isn’t handling UI sorting. I don’t think this is a beta build because it has shadow support which came much later in the games life cycle.


wow, I both noticed the Shadows and didn’t notice them. good call @tdaniel !!!

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